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Class four math


1.Write in symbols. Fourty thousand one hundred and seventy three
2.What is 24650 in words?
3.What is the total value of 4 in the number 48509
5.Add 13,604+5+397
6.Njoroge gave 550 eggs to his wife and 365 to his father for sale. How many eggs did he give out together?
7.What is the next number in the pattern 4,6,8,10,__
8.Work out 53 multiplied by 7
9.Work out 146 divide by 3
10.What is the perimeter of a square whose side is 35cm.
11.What is the area of a rectangle whose length is 16 units and widh is 12 units
12.Name the angle
13.How many hours are there in 180 minutes?
14.Kirui wants to put water pipes in his house. He was told to buy 5pipes of the same length. If one pipe is 1m 25cm, what is the total length of the pipes he will buy?
15.What distance would i cover if i walked round a rectangular swimming pool 80m long and 44m wide once
16.How many days are there in a leap year
17.Onjuku's father went away on safari for five weeks. For how manys was onjuku's father away?
18.Mbiti threw a ball 65m away. He beat muli by 2m 35cm. How far did muli throw the ball?
19.Whats the length of a square if its perimeter is 84
20.Write down the following as fractions
21.Write down the following lengths in centimeters. 4m 95cm
22.Convert the following into decimal. 27/100
23.In a farm there are c cows, g goats and s sheep. What is the total number of animals in the farm!
24.Abuko was sent to buy 4litres of milk, the shopkeeper gave him milk in 1/2 litre packets. How many packets did he carry home?
25.How many quarters are there in 9litres

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