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Multimedia gallery

Adult SMS Jokes 41-50

41:-) Ever heard about the gay guy who flew all the way from London but was heart-broken when he found out that BIG BEN was a clock!
42:-( Alice the nympho had a stiff neck and sore arms. She admitted it was from fooling around at a drive-in. Her friend asked: But how is it possible? Alice: You see we were in different cars!
43;-) Three facts of life 1. Garib aur boobs hamesha dabte hai 2. Musibat aur lund kabhi bhi khade ho sakte hai 3. Kismat aur bra kabhi bhi khul sakti hai!
44:-D Monika Lewinski says she is going to vote republican this time. When asked why, she said: The democrats have left a bad taste in my mouth!
45:-l Difference in the vaginal epithelium of a VIRGIN, MARRIED and MASTURBATING UNMARRIED girl: Stratified squamous, satisfied squamous and pseudo-satisfied squamous!
46:-) Couple was pumping hard in the bed. MAN: Spread your legs wider honey...wider....wider! GIRL: Are you trying to get your balls in? MAN: Nooo, trying to get them out!
47:-( A lady to shopkeeper:Yeh suit ka rang niklega to nahin? Shopkeeper totla tha, woh bola: Bibiji, aapka chut phat jayega par lund nahin niklega!
48;-) MAN: Doctor mera khada nahin hota hai DR: Are you married? MAN: No DR: Do you have a girlfriend? MAN: No DR: Do you visit rand? MAN: No DR: To khada kar ke kya calender tangega?
49:-D What is the difference among girls aged 8,18,28,38,48,58,68? At 8: You take her to the bed and tell her a story At 18: You tell her a story and take her to bed At 28:You don´t need to tell her a story to take her to bed At 38: She tells you a story and takes you to bed At 48: You tell her a story to avoid taking her to bed At 58: You stay in bed to avoid her story At 68: If you take her to bed, that´ll be a story!
50:-l Old man entered a PCO. The girl asked:Ha babaji, kidhar karna hai? Old man replied: Dekh beti, kursi par to mushkil hoga. Neeche hi bori biccha de!

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