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Multimedia gallery

Adult SMS Jokes 101-110

101.Licking pussy is like playing with the mafia...
One wrong move and you are in DEEP SHIT!!!!
102.Three Advantages of getting a £50 note tattood on your cock: 1- U can play with your money, 2- U can see your money grow, 3- Ur girl can blow as much money as she wants!
103.Cat & Rooster are walking near the pool. Cat falls in the pool,Rooster starts laughing. Moral of the story?..Whenever there's a
happy cock there's a wet pussy!
104.Do you know what's the diference between you geting laid, and the pope geting laid? If the pope gets laid, it's a sin, and if you get
laid, its a miracle!
105.What did the blonde woman's left leg say to the blonde woman's right leg? Don't know because they never met!
106.Old chinese proverb says "Man with erection walking through door sideways is always going to Bangkok!"
107;-) What is the difference between a chicken and a baby? A chicken is the result of a patiently sitting hen while a baby is the result of an impatiently standing cock!
108:-( JUDGE: Why do you want divorce? MAN: My wife does satisfy me in bed. JUDGE: Is it true madam? WIFE: The whole colony is happy. Only this idiot has problems!
109:-D Good friends are like BRA! They are supportive, comfortable, hold you tight, protect you from falling and always remain close to your heart!
110:-l Once Sonali Bendre goes with Balasaheb Thakre for a night out! He funnily says: Sonali bend-re. She bends down and replies: Bala thok-re!

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