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...China the lion symbolised strength and power. Richard the Lion-Hearted received his name for showing particular bravery in battle.

{my sincere
thanks 2 THE RESEARCHERS OF 4 their presentation of this article in their own words}

As for the matter of lions against tigers, I support neither. I rather like the Jaguar. But from my personal experiences while filming and observing, I would put my money on the lion.
A myth that must be cleared is that the Siberian tiger is the largest tiger but the Bengal tiger is the strongest and most ferocious.

Lets put the strongest of each animal against each other, namely the African Lion and the Bengal Tiger. (Both males)
-The tiger is heavier, longer, faster, more agile with stronger back leg muscles and a MUCH better swimmer.
-The lion is taller, stronger at the front legs and shoulder muscles, more ferocious, aggressive, stubborn and a better fighter than the tiger. Its mane almost totally eliminates a tigers ability to choke hold it.

NOW, in battle, speed is not even a factor. It is only useful in escaping the fight. Agility, however, is important. The tigers hind legs will allow it to move about faster than the lion. However, the swipe force of a lion is MUCH stronger than that of the tiger. In a clawing or swiping contest, the lion would always land the killer blow. Now, remember, the lion is more lazy and inactive than the tiger which is more fit. Their stamina and bite force is roughly equal. But here is where the fight comes to an end. The most dangerous and special move of both cats is the choke hold. The tiger is at extreme disadvantage here. It would swallow a mouthful of mane in its choke hold attempt whereas the Lion with impressive bite force would only have to grip the tiger tightly on the neck to kill it. It is important to understand that the lion is stronger than the tiger where it matters most, in the font legs that are used in clawing.

My personal observations of each animal separately and together support this.
-In a large circular cage in Mexico city I have seen an African male lion maul a larger Siberian tiger and an adolescent male Siberian tiger to death. The adolescent was a year old. It is extremely sad that these fights are used for entertainment but at the same time I was awed to see one lion defeat two large tigers with all 3 animals in the cage at the same time.
-My teammates and I were transporting a male African Lion into a cage neighboring a Bengal Tigers cage in Kenya. There was a small opening in between the two cages for intermingling of neighboring animals. It was supposed to be closed at the time but someone forgot to close it. The lion sprang from the transportation container through the opening and mauled the tiger of similar size. We tranquilized the lion but it was too late. Two days later, the tiger died due to fatal wounds. It was a very one sided fight where the lion spent much time chasing the tiger.

Please, do not believe any videos you see on the internet. They are all altered to favor either the tiger or the lion. And please, do not get so worked up on things such as tigers vs lions. I am not saying a lion will always beat a tiger. Tigers have been seen defeating lions. Individuals are different. But all other conditions being constant, the lion, according to observed statistics would win 7/10 of the time.


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