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Myths About (and Against) Lions and Tigers:

Myth 1: [The lion has a stronger forequarter] The fact is, the lion has slightly more massively built shoulders and the tiger has more developed legs. Overall a tiger is more massively built than a lion. Even pound for pound, a tiger has anatomy-advantage over a lion in the forequarters.

Myth 2: [The tiger hunts larger preys] The fact is, both these cats generally hunt similar sized preys (the size of wildebeast) and both these cats may go for larger preys once in a while. In some areas, these cats get ’specialized’ in hunting certain kinds of preys. In Nagarahole National Park in India, the tigers prefer to hunt the large gaurs.

Myth 3: [The lion has more bite force] The fact is, pound for ponud, a tiger has more bite force qutient, though the difference is not huge.

Myth 4: [Tigers are more ferocious] The fact is, There has never been such a claim by any scientist or noted animal observer. This is a bizare claim with no base. Both these animals show similar ferocity (of course, ferocity is not quantifiable) when drawn into a fight.

Myth 5: [Lions have larger heads] The fact is, an average lion has (surprisingly) the same size of head as an average Bengal/Siberian/Indochinese tiger. The tiger’s head is just a little wider and shorter, allowing it to have more bite force.

Myth 6: [Lions just fight and tigers just hunt] The fact is, nomadic male lions hunt regularly and skillfully. Even resident male lions hunt sometimes. On the other hand, tigers fight, often to death, with other tigers. Tigers fight fairly often, so much so that around 30% of tiger deaths (for Bengal tigers) occur due to territorial fights. Also, tigers fight with leopards, bears, wild dogs, elephants etc. Most of the tiger vs tiger and lion vs lion fights end after one combatant escapes while some fights in both the cases may result in severe injury or death.

Myth 7: [The lion has better fighting techniques] The fact is, the tiger shows better...

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