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slow jamz

Slow Jamz-lyrics

Kanye west-slow jams

[Luther Vandross]
Are you gonna be

[Jamie Foxx]
oh oh oh oh oh

[Jamie Foxx-chorus]

She said, she wants some
Marvin Gaye,some
Luther Vandross, a little
Anita, will definitely set
this part off right
(Are you gonna, be are u
gonna be are you gonna
be, are you gonna be are
you gonna be, well well
well well well)
she said she want same
Ready for the world
some New Edition,same
minnix Ripperton and
difinitely set this part
off right
(Are you gonna,be are u
be, are you gonna, be are
you gonna be, well well
well well well)

[Kanye west]

I told her to drive over in
your new whip
bring some friends you
cool with
Imma bring da cool whip
then i want yo to strip
See you in my new chick
so we get our grind on
she be grabbin, callin me
Biggie like shine home
man i swear she fine
why she always lying
tellin me them diamonds
when she know they
chine stones
she got a right skinned
friend look like Michael
Got a dark skinned friend
look like Michael Jackson
I play' Ready for the
World-she was ready
for same actions.
My dawg said you aint
no freak-so you got to
prove my man wrong
I'm a play this vandross
you gon' take you pants
Imma play this Glolys
me and you gon'get

[chorus X2]

Got you lookin at the
gliss at my hands and
while i'm laying back
smokin on my conbus
when it come to rockin
they rythm like Marvin
and Luther
I can tell you aint no
messin with kan-man
and twista
From the chi and i be
sippin Henness
play same R&B
tryina smoke a B
lookin properly
feelin on a G?
A always (well well
well well well)
come with me and sipon
same Evelyn champagne
you aint know Twista
can work in the the
Hit the stop light. Get
into some i saac
The rims still moving so
I'm bumping a little
while I'm
smokin on B
Dippin through the
Bumpin R&B
And i get to leave
somethng to the 23's?
And i do it(well well
well well well)
when my earth and the
wind smoke a fire
let me when get your
shiets wet listening to
Keith Sweat
Put you in a dact of
Fullfilling our every
temptation slow
Jamming having deep
you ready for the world
come on over make me
touch you all over your
body baby don't say no
to me
An every moment you
cotrollin me i'm lovin
the way you be holding
me when i be listening
to Jadeci
And when i come over
and berd year ass
you be bumpin tell
i'da hit if from the back
to the melody to roll it
Now i gotta go up in it
fast but imma finish lost
no matter how much of
a thug you see
I still spit it like its R&B
So to the club with me
And with some luther
come on and hope you
finna and stilla be in love

[chorus X2]

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