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~ 10 PeRmAnEnT WorLd MyStERiEs ~

~ by katherine & anastasios ~

10 PERMANENT WORLD MYSTERIES . Sometimes it is very disappointing when science fails to find convincing arguments for some of the oldest mysteries known to man . WE know Stonehenge that the Pyramids , and the statues in Easter Island it was built by a tribe that disappeared , or some ancient super-humans . Most of us also accept that the UFO of sight can be explained , and that if ever get in touch with alien species some , this will be a kind of tiny anthrax released despite an extraterrestrial disc full of little green people who want to learn about our leaders . However one could disagree that the combination of scientific progressand common sense ( or cynicism ) is obscuring something here , and that we are poorer when we lose the romanticism of these myths and legends . On the other hand is certainly quite natural for humanity permanently looking for answers . Sometimes it doesn`t matter if , for example , a person believes or ghosts not in or on voices from the minds world . But in other cases it would be good to know the truth about the world we live in . Reveals 10 mysteries ever world that humanity has not been solved yet .
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YOU HAVE A GUARDIAN ANGEL ? Since the 1950s the Aldgate Tube station personnel in London has entered many mysterious incidents , including a maintenance employee who survived after a strike 22,000 volts from the rails of the train . Immediately before a colleague had noticed , as he described it , a grey ghost figure , smiling and touch his hair man suffered the blow . Mountaineers and explorers such as those of Antarctica , sir Ernest Shackleton and Ann Bancroft and Peter Hillary ( the son of the Conqueror of Mount Everest ) has also reported one his benign but unsighted presence in times of distress , describing the third man . The Ron Di Francesco , the last person who escape from the South Tower on September 11 , also remember that anything seized him and led him through the smoke in a safe place .

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