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New hobby

It would be more common to tell my personal friends about Al´s life than have been addressing to public in my waiting for the judgement of such a wide auditorium of people who could say that the most part of this narration is pure fiction.
I can admit it´s a real chronological discription of events taken place some time ago with unfinished and unknown moves which Al is going to commit entering his nearest tomorrow and if you are doubting that he is a real person living through his middle aged years at the beginning of the new millenium of ours it is a mistake from your side to think so. You could be considered, probably, a denizen of another epoch more remote from mine in this case.
Photos and documents illustrating my work although located not in very strict synchronization are the evidences of my truthfulness. Meanwhile some details may be omitted or unclear. So if someone has any doubts, questions or more complete information upon the subject of this cycle of my notes it would be desirable for them to take part in our open discussions for making facts more clear and obvious.
E-mails for your comments:;;;
In July-August of 2001 Al became an active Internet user. By that period of his life there were some parts of a personal computer in his possession, but Al decided to lend them to a Mr. P. who occuppied an important post of a textile factory. In order to have free PC access at Mr. P´s office for studying CD lessons such as Platinum English&Talk to me (Español) Al offered to conclude tete-a-tete agreement of communal factory equipment using that had been enforced by some Al´s private units.
Earlyer he had the practice of children´s computer teaching and rented three offices with a dozen PCs for his private school service at home´s clients using his own compact disks such as (Triple Play Plus, Professor Higgins, English for children etc.),
but after some numerous unsuccessful attempts of those he came to conclusion that
it was lost of time and the material appeared to be very complicated for the majority of his pupils. They enjoyed computer games with exception of a few ones who could not pay for additional lessons at several offices rented by their tutor. Having stopped the computer stage of his private tuition Al started teaching himself, and at the time of the factory office´s host absence, he had been curious enough for putting his nose into the world wide web. Wow! He had been so astonished and amazed, even shocked
by the abundance of interesting information written in English. While Al had got free access into the office when its chief took his summer vacations, and being left there alone, he supported with data the base of his future sites. Several months later it happened to be the presentation of the first, in town, Internet-cafe.
You will not believe me, but it is true that our second Don Quixote has been happy answering some of them and wasting his time and money for trying to organize this wild invasion of news automatically created with acute human brains. Al was not able to understand for a very long time mechanical nature of this phenomenon with millions of smiling human faces addressed to him from all the corners of our planet.
Full-breasted blondes and brunettes were ready with their hot embraces to invite him in answering the call of wild flesh and passion. Among fifteen E-Mails of his, almost seven were blocked up by spam and very soon Alex could not be sure in the process of deleting messages which of them are worthy of his attention.
Thus Al have made a conclusion that there are two ways ahead of him to follow: web designing and organizing clubs, groups, forums and blogs, active chats from one side and looking for someone similar to him through acquaintance with the pages of other users. It is really sorrowful to imagine how many precious hours, days and weeks or may be even whole months of toil waisted during Al´s rovings in the computer jungle infested and inhabited by their lavishly decorated dwellers putting the masks of human
beings, with smiling friendly faces as well as real people of different ages seeking for their lucky chance. I think he could delete a lot of nice pages, forget many logins and passwords, sites and their URLs. Like a squirrel collecting nuts and mushrooms for the coming cold snowy winter our brave enthusiastic hero has been surfing day after day and night by night somewhere beside you. One rainy autumn day it was a fortune to meet him in the court bailif´s office wherein Al had to come instead of his usual
expeditions of his
with some young and usually pretty girls whom he has taken with him for explaining some secrets of foreign services and making online chats with their lovely faces´ help being put into Yahoo profiles.
Alex smiled to me and told: Isn´t it easier to be the author of your own memoirs, pal? And now, as you see, I am going to give him my authorship and a writting kit, to him, personally, and there is a slight hope in my heart that our labour will attract a soul which is able to add some lines in the set of cironical of current events connected with these unfamous days and nights spent with yours or ours equipment for making notes helping him and may be you to have found each other as friends or even more...

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