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[<] ThAnK YoU . . . >>

[You have entered Conference room 10 in the Hilton Hotel, Paris]

*cLeaRz tHrOaT*

*PiSz haSeLf aT seEiN´ hoW ManY PeoPLe tUrnEd uP. . PiS5 tlT FoK*

eRr. . .

i kNoW MaNy oV yoU DisApProVe oV mY fLirTiN aN´ tHiNk mE aN oVa cHeErY sLvT oN ProSaC. . .

buT. . .

i tHiNk tHeRe haS bEeN a fEw MiSuNdErStaNdiNz´, tOo maNy qUaRreLLz aN´ nOt eNouGh cOmpaS5iOn oR LoVe. . .

eVwYbOdY heRe: i tHaNk yOu fOr bOthEriN´ tO ComE to tHis siTe.

FoR thOsE WhO LikE mE, i wiSh yoU tHe bEsT thaT LifE CaN GivE. FoR tHosE Who haTe mE, i wiSh yOu tHe saMe. FoR thoSe wHo cOuLdNt CaRe LesS, OmG mOo oWf ya hOgGiN uP sEaTz ya faT bEe--. . Ok i wOnt gO TheRe LoL

tHanK YoU tO FiT, whO shOweD mE a diFFerEnT SidE tO LiFe - yoU aRe a bEaUtiFuL PerSoN, yoU ReaLLy aRe. ThaNk yOu tO hiTzZ fOr sTicKiN´ bY mE tHrOugH tHicK aN´ tHiN, nO MaTtEr hoW DeEp tHe mUd - iT mEanZ aLoT. ThaNk You tO aSianDj wHo taUgHt mE tHe bEaUtY oF DogZ aNd *i nEveR tHouGhT i´d saY ThiS buT. . * LiVerPoOL fC LoL buT i´L alwAyZ bE a MaN u faN.

ThaNk yoU tO aLdGaTe, yoU aRe trUeLy eVwYfiN´ iV drEamEd fOr iN a bRoTheR fOr yEarZ x sCoUsAKuRi - You aRe LikE tHe oLdEr siSteR i WaSnt bLeSseD WiTh. ThaNk yOu tO aNaYah fOr bEiN´ aN aWeSoMe tWiNsTa, tHe bEst aNy waPpeR CaN WisH For.

ThaNk yOu tO BmW*AzN For maKiN´ mE LauGh tiMe aN´ tiMe aGaiN! ThaNk yOu tO PaKiLaD fOr bEin´ a gReaT fLirT MatE aN´ aLLoWin´ mE tO ExPerieNce waT itZ Lyk tO bE SuGa mOmMa LoL. .

ThaNk yOu tO WaZzZsXc fOr beiN´ tHe gUy thaT KeEpz mE oN My tOeZ - GiRLs sTaNdiN´ oN Tip tOez aRe mEanT 2 bE a tUrN oN RigHt? LoL . . ThaNk yOu tO EbOy fOr PuTtiN´ tHinGz iNtO PeRsPecTivE aN´ nOtiCiNg tHiNgs tHaT We uSuaLLy taKe foR gRaNtEd. aNd xQuiSiTaH fa sTicKiN´ bY HiM LoL

HeArTLeSz, tHaNk yOu foR GiviN´ mE EroTlc cOmfOrT iN a nOn eRoTlc waY LoL IgNiTor fOr HeLpiN´ mE GroW as a pErSoN. . LoL uR akaZ SafE wiF mE. .

tHaNk YOU fOr haViN PaTieNcE, i´LL mEnTiOn yOu dNt wOrRy LoL KeEp sCrOLLiN´!

*Room´s quiet. Someone at the back swings off their chair backwards, asleep* LoL

JaGgaX, tHaNkZ 4 bEiN a sWeEt pEa PmpL RemEmBa; iM a .S.I.S.T.E.R nOt uR gaL TsKz pMpL ThaNk yOu AyeSha aN´ NaiLa fOr bEiN´ yoUtH PeRsOniFiEd. ThaNk yOu REmZi fA BeiN´ tRuE aN´ sTicKiN´ tO WhaT shE BeLiEveZ. ThaNk yOu NuZriNa fOr GiviN´ mE LiGhT ReLiEf eVwY TiMe . . LoL ThaNk yOu tNt fOr bEiN´ tHe eXciTiN aN´ sWeEt gUy u aRe. ThAnK YoU fuG fOr MaKiN´ HiM haPpY. BaBySuGa fOr bEiN´ a ProPa cUtiE aN´ fOr kNoWiN´ hoW tO TaMe eBoY He hE. . .

fOoLish fOr sHoWiN´ mE tHe rOpEz, aN´ LeaViN a pE3 sTaiN oUtsiDe ma HoUsE LoL FoXyLaDy FoR bEiN´ whaT a GirL iS, dOiN´ whaT a GirL doEs. BLaDe fOr bEiN´ a gOoD bF - wE DisAgReE oN SevERaL coUnTs, buT thaTz uR biRtH RiGht. BiPz fOr bEiN´ a bOrEdOm BuSteR oN a sTicK LoL . . .

Da TriXtaMiNaTeR fOr bEiN´ HimSeLf aNd nOt LeTtiN´ aNyThiNg geT iN His wAy.
SxCrOmEo fOr HaViN´ sO mUcH PaTiEnCe (sEe? I sTiLL rEmEmBeR PmpL) aN´ bEiNg sUcH a sWeEt gUy, NiNjAsiX fOr bEiN HimSeLf, aLwaYz aBLe tO MaKe pEopLe sMiLe! eViLmUnDa. . .FoR eRr. . WeLL MoViN´ oN. . . LmaO

ShaF: tHaNkZ FoR bEiN My ImRaN LoL mWaH. . EnTaZ fOr sHoWiNg uS eXaCtLy whAt dA WorD "PeRsEvEraNcE" mEaNz PmpLmaO (rEgaRdiN dA AdVeRtiSmEnT Of HiZ SiTe); IcEcHiC, oNly jUsT GeTtiN 2 kNoW u, buT YoU sOuNd tOp! LoL OwaNgEjUcE, EaSy gOiN, fUnNy, fRiEndLy - whaT MorE Do wE NeEd? LoL MiLkYbaR ThaNx fOr tHe eNdLezZ SuPpLy oV mY FaVe aPhRoDiSiaC ;o} LmaO i mEaN iNnOcEnT KldDy sWeEt. . .

MaDmaX; kNeW HiM AgEz BaCk wiF HiZ OtHa aKa LoL iF i haD KnOwN. . .WinX LoL mY BiGgY aNd aLwaYz wOuLd bE LoL RaMpaGiNg MiKe (HoTMiNgA) aNoThEr pOrN sTaR FriEnD WhOz pOcKeTz rEaLLy sEeM To bE BuLgiN WhEn hE SeEz mE PmpL i oFfErEd tO HeLp UnLoaD HiZ PoCkEtZ GhaWd PmpL Ok pEopLe sToP TuTtiN LoL

dZia. . LoL SwEeT GuY, buT ThEiRZ MorE To HiM :o/ pLasTiKbAg ;o} LoL

i´LL aDd mOrE WhEn i rEmEMbEr eM LoL


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