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¸„ø¤º°¨Hidden Powers in you¨°º¤ø„¸

Human mind power is unlimited in it's potential to create the results you desire, WHATEVER they might be. There are no limits with the exception of the limits you place on yourself. When mind power is utilized "unconsciously" it's just as true that "undesirable results" can be and often are experienced as well.

Unfortunately, that's how the vast majority utilize their individual power...unconsciously and as a result "perceive" themselves as "powerless."

And like we all do, they too get to be right.

What makes this mind power real and how is it that you "truly can" utilize your individual mind power to make whatever desires you hold "real and tangible?"

Well in a phrase, it's due to the infusion, integration and intricately interconnected nature of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the Super Conscious Mind also referred to as Universal Consciousness.

I know from personal experience how illogical and impractical that might sound based on what we have been predominantly taught regarding reality, but I'm going to ask that you think outside the box for just a moment and consider this.

Really think about this.

Look around at your results...make a choice to become brutally honest with yourself regarding the quality of consciousness that you choose for yourself on a moment by moment basis and no further investigation or research is necessary.

You'll clearly see the power of your mind and how it is, always has been and always will at work creating each and every outcome that you experience in your life.

Making the choice to become conscious and aware of how true that is and you'll have validated that fact for yourself.

It's human mind power that determines EVERY aspect of your reality and it's your individual choice or choices that determine what you will or will not experience.

In fact, let's bring it a bit closer to home...

YOUR individual mind power is all that's required to create and experience a kind and quality of life that you desire for yourself once you become keenly and consciously aware of that fact and make a conscious and intentional choice to discover how to utilize the limitless creative power provided to you, me and everyone else on this planet in a way that harmonizes with whatever visions, hopes, dreams and desires you hold for yourself.

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