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** T H E S P I R I T O F J E Z E B E L **


REPENTENCE in itself, requires that you AKNOWLEDGE your sin, and HUMBLE yourself before God. But Jezebel takes people to the cross (repent and accept righteousness) and then tells you you are really not worthy. (self-condemnation) a person deceived by Jezebel cannot accept the righteousness from God, and seek to establish their own righteousness.
Salvation is by FAITH, not by works. People will stumble on the truth of Jesus Christ, reject it and will be crushed. A lot of people just can't break with the righteousness of the law. RELIGION and RITUAL is the life of Jezebel. Salvation is to CONFESS with your mouth, ACCEPT it as a gift, that you are a child of God, that HE is the LORD and SAVIOUR of your life. Jezebel has to convince you that you cant get to the throne of God. Works does'nt make us righteous. Religious rituals wont bring us into the favor of God.
* The spirit of Jezebel is more involved than the notion of a singular spirit that is easily identified. It is in fact a PRINCIPALITY that functions in the area of REPENTENCE and RIGHTEOUSNESS.
Immediate discernment of a Jezebel spirit is often difficult as it always hides behind a SEDUCTIVE VEIL of self-righteousness. The discernment of a Jezebel spirit will usually come from the evidence of a WAKE OF DESTRUCTION around that individual. This is most obvious in how they DESTROY LIFE in those around them, especially their own families.
They look like nice people. They have a broken, immature, character/personality. They seek a solution to it and they seek it in selfrighteousness. "I will make myself better". (very seductive), it hides the truth. They cannot look in the mirror to see what they are for themselves.
Another trait is how the initial veil of being righteous is manipulated to JUSTIFY PERVERSION OF TRUTH. Any opposition to a Jezebel spirit, results in being REJECTED from that circle. Jezebel is the DEMON OF SHAME.
The open door for the spirit is when the victum believes the lie that they are not worthy. The first lie of Jezebel is that "you will never make it". Strangely enough, the last lie of Jezebel is that "you are the only one who has made it".
The victim is caughtt between the pit of self-righteousness and the pit of self-condemnation. Like all demonic influence it is FEAR DRIVEN. The mind of the victim spends many hours being obsessed with the problem of being worthy before God. Jesus said "fear and anxiety are not from Me". Jezebel always uses the tongue to do it's work. The soothing tongue to SEDUCE, the lying tongue to PERVERT, and the scatching tongue to REJECT.
The Jezebel spirit is a continual and elaborate dance of the above three: SEDUCTION, PERVERSION and then REJECTION.
The four basic needs of the spirit of man are a hunger for FELLOWSHIP, INTIMACY- church or individuals (covenant ground) , AUTHORITY, and the sense of BELONGING(ego boundaries) . All spiritual bondage will erode one of these needs first, and from there move on to the remaining three. Of the four basic needs of the spirit of man, the spirit of Jezebel erodes the victim's capacity to satisfy the craving for intimacy.
Authority goes hand in hand with Jezebel. They are obsessed with controlling. They overcompensate in their own strength to rectify things.
Jezebel is not only active in an individual, but can be active in a family, in a community, and also in the Church. Jezebel is the daughter of Babylon. In Essence ANYONE who is seduced by paganism, will open the door for the spirit of Jezebel. She is a runaway train. There are more than 300 000 differrent denominations. What happened to Christianity? How much is repentable? Jezebel has led us to a self-righteous, self-condemning kind of worship. What happened to getting real with your sinfullness? Jezebel plays you from one to the other between the differrent churches.
The Jezebel spirit creates confusion to where your boundaries are. Sexual curses and Jezebel walk together (carnal immoralities) The covenant ground is thrown open. They get disfunctionate, holding it so close that nobody comes in (rejection)
HOLY COMMUNION: The only holy covenants is with God and in marraige. When we have communion with unbelievers, the body becomes disfunctionate. We distraught the body of Jesus Christ. Through covenant witih Jesus Christ we are able to partake functiöally in the body. Communion based on intimacy in the group. WE ARE NOT CORPORATELY AWARE, WE DONT UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE COVENANT. The bride of Christ is described as blemishless and pure. When are we going to humble ourselves to the Covenant? When Covenant is restored, we will be functional in a group.
RESULTS: Tribulations teaches patience, longsuffering. You get people that praise and worship but nothing changes, everything stays the same - Despodent life. Destruction maker the victim disfunctional. It opens doors to other spirits: Infidility, homosexuality, sexual perversion (crossing covenant ground). It Leads to the quest for self-righteousness. Out of that comes:
* A lying spirit* *A critical spirt* * Insecure in themselves (if you can't get there, you destroy it)* *Destructive nature* *Slander*(skinner)* Mistrusting nature* *A religious spirit* *Total fear of real character being revealed* *They want to be seen as a leader(obsessed)* * A manipulative spirit* *No singlemindedness* *Victim's agenda not the same ar groups agenda* *Wrong motives* *Indecisive* *They ridicule a person because they envy a quality in that person*
*Distrusting* * Quest for selfrighteousness* *Obsession of power* *Sense of shame* *Overdramatize everything* *They begin faking illness (spirit of infirmity) * *Rejectable- they end up lonely being rejected by family* *They exaggerate injuries* *They wont take blame for anything* *They cannot discuss the problem. Any comments will be twisted around. * *They have no ethics.*
Their logic is emotional, playing on feelings of guilt. The dogma ranges from a scathing condemnatiö, to a charming compromise, but it is always irrational when viewed in against the Word. Many futile hours can be wasted by a believer trying to bring light to their seductive teachings. You will always leave the precence of Jezebel feeling helpless, abused, foolish, and very often guilty. Unless you have agreed with them of course, then you will leave being convinced of that religion's God given ability to secure your salvation. The end result is always the same, a people with a semblance of virue, but with no power. A people that are hard of heart, stubborn and devided.
A people who believe in their own strength, and merely use the name of Jesus to justify themselves. A people who know of Jesus, but do not know Him. A people who believe the world must be loved for their good and faithful and noble works. A people who fail to grasp the concept of a covenant God, or that Abraham was the father of faith. A people that have not yet seen that they are peculiar and set apart, for although they preabh a message of salvation by faith, and not works, they still trust in their own strength.
What happens to these people when the world rejects them for the name of Jesus? The bible says the world will hate you. Is it only then that we will say: " You are our covenant God and we are Your covenant people"? You cannot try to reason with such a spirit.

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