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*JEZEBEL*: Jezebel in Councelling


Discernment of a Jezebel is in the eyes. You can see total pain. This is a self-sacrificing person, Immature character, a childishness in eye dept, almost like an embarrassed child. They have low self-esteem.
The councilor must show UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Jezebel only knows cöditional love. Seperate the sin from the sinner. Even when you tell a Jezebel that Jesus loves them, they dont believe you.
They will reply that they know that Jesus loves them, but you should realize that they dont. 1 Cor. 13:3-7 is a powerful word for a victim of Jezebel. This must be the starting point of councelling a Jezebel victim. Also Rom. 8:31-39 is extremely potent to set the Jezebel prisoner free. Jezebel has a pack or group of demon spirits working under and with her, all those that i have mentioned in this lesson so far. With councelling, you will deal with the other spirits first and bring them out and break them. eg. rejection, rebellion, perversion, etc. The last one you will deal with is Jezebel.
She is undercover of the other spirits. That is when Jezebel is exposed. Ef. 6:10-16.
THE ACE CARD: The greatest fear of a Jezebel victim is to have to face the shame of their sin being revealed. Secret sexual sin, in the eyes of man, must surely rank amongst the most rhameful iniquities. The Jezebel spirit attack i'ts victim on "Covenant Ground", it seeks to destroy it's victims ability to find intimacy.
(the model of concentric circles representing ego boundaries and the notiom of covenant ground). It is essential that the councilor be totally aware that the Jezebel victim is prima facia dysfunctional when it comes to intimacy.
HANDLING THE ACE CARD: Use wisdom, and know that sexual sin will surface sooner or later. Don't be shocked like the rest of the world. More importantly, realize that is a SYMPTOM of the bondage, not the CAUSE of the problems. More often than not the councilor will take this red herring and run with it, only to find that after many failed attempts on the part of the victim to reform, he/she loses hope and they fall back into self-condemnation.
Just where Jezebel wants them to be! Exposure of secret sin is in fact a precious opportunity to show unconditional love. It may well be the first time the councilee experiences unconditional love. When he/she sees it in you, they might be able to accept that Jesus loves them unconditionally. That their righteousness is a gift fr6 heaven, and that all they havf to do is accept this in faith.
THE CURSES: Destruction of covenant ground and the erosion of ego boundaries, makes the victim disfunctional when it comes to satisfying the need to form intimate relationships. This in turn opens doors for other curses in their lives.
Sexual perversion, infidelity in marraige? whoedoms, homosexuality, kept woman. The endless quest for self-righteousness can lead to other curses. Lying spirit, critical spirit, religious spirit, etc.
The pressure to keep the veil intact in the eyes of man, can open doors for other curses. Obsession with being seen as a leader, a manipulative spirit, a lack of single-mindedness in their dealings, always to divide and rule.
It is usually a case of a confused leadership where the agenda of the leader is never clear to all concerned. This craving for authority is probably the most obvious of Jezebel symptoms, but it reamains to be a symptom (or curse) and not the cause.

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