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*JEZEBEL in an Individual


* The mind of Jezebel's prisoner is tormented. * They have a preoccupation with what others say and think of them. * They take offense easily, have touchy egos, and take any criticism extremely personal. * Their personalities are immature, and by neuer having had the gumption to take responsibility for their sin, they have no character or backbone.
* Their consciences are dulled and confused. often to the point of psychopathic behavior. *They have no empathy for the sufferings of others, and are incapable of giving or receiving unconditional love. * A prisoner of Jezebel is a spiritual cripple, and their spirit dies a slow and lingering death. * They are indecisive, and cannot make a definite decision, because they fear that their making the wrong decision, will tarnish their veil of perfection.
* By the same token, the prisoner will be obsessed with being the authority figure. A combination that leads to total destabilization and trust in a group. *they will drive their children to resentment and rebellion, or destroy their spirit into desperate submission
* They will get no loyalty from their employees, and their staff will always be on edge. They are obsessed with authority, and believe they are gifted leaders. *They project their failings unto those around them, especially their loved ones.
*They escape criticism, by blaming a scapegoat, and then reject it from their area of control by turning all under his authority against the scapegoat. * The prisoner of Jezebel, will always make use of the half - truth.
*They are great believers of the manipulative power of money. *In business they shy away from written contracts, and always try to get a person's commitment on a "never-never" basis. *They fear death and illness.
*They have a fear of man, because they think that all men think like they do. *They are religious. *Their prayers are superficial, if not absent totally. *They do not understand righteousness before God. *They cannot accept the gift of repentance.
*They cannot see the difference between humility before God, and shame before men. * They have great problems with sexual lust, especially in their thoughts. *Their thoughts are devoted to hours of contemplating infinate ways of preserving their images of perfection.
* They abhor Christian fellowsiip. *Their discussions around the Truth of Jesus Christ is superficial, and they always cop-out, by falling back.

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