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lil wayne - Newest pictures

Tha cypher!

So u thnk u cn spit? Well rep ur click nd bust a line!...

Show da rest of S.A Wat u made of...rep urself or ur crew, ths is yo spot...spit nd write da crew u reppn
Damn dat was wack son
06.08.2009 15:57 EDT,
confusion..abstraction of human intel...famous parents perpetrating sexual intercourse with the milkway and giving birth to futures demonic beings are hostage in arabian prisons i spit in 666 bars...working with no master like blind mens optical nerve...this abstraction is biggest than oprah winfrys curve..manic,reppin da exozist,check out our trax
20.05.2009 19:20 EDT,
Wat it do...DAMN derz sum dope tyt shit going on here... keep up da gud work. ayt peace YESSSUUR!
29.10.2008 15:48 EDT,
16.09.2008 09:04 EDT,
Yeah bl@ckouts bak niggas da drought has ended/ meanwhile ur capability of being wack has extended/ u lucky u my cuz othawise i wud be offended/ u startn beef on ma syt is totally outta line/ tha cypher be a place wer u cum 2 shine/ so listn amuneition ths hood is mine/ so jst tak it as a warning nd we'l be jst fine
04.09.2008 16:59 EDT,
beefs in da air and da bull sees RED/wack emcees we abt 2 put yall 2 BED/voetsek is wat my big homie babs2c SAID/so take da hint before your rap career ends up DEAD/its le~scotch yall know i'm a straight up KILLA/money make my bitch cum, eva since i downloaded TRILLA/betta watch out coz we bustin outta your fcking SPEAKER/my flow so deadly dey nicknamed it 9 MILLI METER/my egos da only source 2 my INSPERATION/mo8 nd w.a.w.a be da true hip-hop NATION/ heita 2 all da dope emcees BT WHO DA FCK IS AMUNIETON
03.09.2008 20:25 EDT,
02.09.2008 17:00 EDT,
Yea bitchs, AmMuneition here, im know to terrorize/Paralyze a pair o guyz/ Or fo me jus prepare to rise/ Off da land, sea, air n skies/ 15 so buck, i could end careers/ C lil nigger i be fierce wit spears.
02.09.2008 16:26 EDT,
Man its like okay/ we can play dat game/ but ima smak u like cocaine/ babs is so insane/ i got so much cash! i make it rain/ im only in it 4 da fame/ ladies sit bck & let babs2c entertain/ wit k-mo in da lab u knw aint nothin gonna be da same/ i deliver flowz! Im mr postman like lil wayne/ man im on fire ive got no plans on leavin da game/ shuld i ritre? Not until they no my name!
30.08.2008 13:14 EDT,
Yeah yeah yeah datz my boy lescott/ nd he givn it 2 u lyk it is whetha u lyk it or not, our rhymes r chargd wit murder bt dey neva get caught, hatin niggas quiet lyk dey tongue be in a knot, so if u beef u beef wit wawa-mo8 nigga jst da whole lot
29.08.2008 19:45 EDT,
Its LE SCOTCH nd u shld knw am a KING/fly lyk a butterfly but watch out 4 my fckin STING/call me da champ coz of my k.o. PUNCHLINE/am da one nigga you'll neva eva out RHYME/my scheme runs slc nd also CAPPIEZ/fuck wid wawa nd you'll get chewed up lyk CHAPPIEZ/my flows so deadly its lyk da aids epedemic/nod ur head nd bow dwn coz u beta respect it/you see da blk cap know its da A CROWN/its on my head coz i run plk NOW/wawa nd $M.O.B$F.L.O$ dats wat am all ABOUT/call us eskom coz we just gav yall a fckin BL@CKOUT...
29.08.2008 19:32 EDT,
Ayo its babs2c the 16 year old heavy weight/ spittin cash im the most wanted in s.a./ I diss lyk whoa and dnt runaway/ you hidin lyk osoma/ fidin me therz no way/ i said it b4 and i'll say it again mo8's the best crew through out the plk/ it aint the first tym and it aint the last/ i still got sum ammunaition to blast sum ass/ im da top of my class wen it cumz to countin on stacks/afta school im at home cookin hot trax.
28.08.2008 17:36 EDT,
Its blkout bby nd we spit lyk RETARDS, but our game is needed lyk we be joker CARDS, yeah ths tha dictator im adolf hitler wen it cumz 2 SPITTING, i digest ths shit nd flush out punch lines lyk niggas SHITTING, yeah im lyk Hannibal Cannibal thirsty 4 BLOOD bt ima BLOOD nd im bleeding 4 all my niggas ths lyrical FLOOD!! Blkout reppn W.A.W.A, CUTZZZ & K.K
28.08.2008 15:14 EDT,

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