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orumant h res s - Comics/Fantasy/Anime


In case you didn't find your answer below, feel free to write an email to We will update the FAQ as soon as possible.

Q: How can i find out if the game works on my mobile?
A: To see a list of the mobiles currently supported, check the relevant drop down menu next to a game here.

Q: I've downloaded the game, but i cannot find it in the menu. Where did it go?
A: After installing the game, it can be found in the "Games" menu or in the "Applications" menu.

Q: I have fought many fights now, but I don't seem to gain anything (experience, gold, etc.) when I win... What am I doing wrong?
A: There can be several reasons why you didn’t gain anything:

1)Maybe you have been fighting someone from your own clan! You don't gain anything when fighting other members because you are supposed to work together.

2) You fought players that were MANY levels lower/higher than yourself. We have implemented a level cap to reduce cheating and farming.

3) Fighting the same hero many times in a row will gradually reduce the winnings until you don’t gain anything at all. This rule has been made to encourage players to fight against many different heroes.

Q: It seems to me that I gain less and less when I win fights. Why is that?
A: It's probably because you have been fighting against the same opponent many times during the last seven days. When you do so, you will gradually gain less for each fight.

Q: I have sent a game mail to someone else but I never got a reply and he says he didn't get it. What happened?
A: The maximum number of mails you can have in your inbox is 15. If you exceed this number you will not be able to see the new mails – you will have to delete old mails first.

Q: I'm a clan chief and I think it would be cool if I could send mails to all my clan members at the same time instead of sending to them individually. Is this possible?
A: Yes, it is! In fact this option is available to all members of a clan. Just select the option at the Tavern when you want to send a mail.

Q: How do I create a clan?
A: First of all you have to be level 10+. If you already meet this requirement you can create a clan at the website Go to "My account" where you will find the "Create Clan" link. You can also create and manage clans at the wapsite at

Q: How do I accept a fight?
A: Simply press the “*” key to get a pop up where you can see who is challenging you. The pop up will give you the choice of accepting or declining the challenge.

Q: How do I get new friends?
A: If you know the name of another player you can add this person to your friend list. Go to the Tavern/Friends and choose "+friend". You can also add a hero you have just fought in the Arena to your friend list.

Q: What are Blood Duels and can I join?
A: Blood Duels (BD) are contests for individuals that run on Wednesdays in weeks when there are no Clan Wars. BD run at 08:00-11:00 GMT and again at 18:00-21:00 GMT. To win you must earn the most respect within the time limit, and the winner receives a Magic Item and a special head graphics!

Q: Who is the Mayor? Can I fight him?
A: The Mayor is the administrator that occasionally sends out information mails and replies to mails that you may send to him from the Tavern. YOU CANNOT FIGHT THE MAYOR!

Q: Sometimes when I receive a mail it is full of ****. Why is that?
A: The game has a profanity (bad language) filter, and every time someone tries to use a word that we have deemed unwanted it will be replaced with asterixes.

Q: Can I try the game for free?
A: Yes, you can try Orumant on our website here.

Q: How do I save my game before I exit it?
A: You don't have to save the game as the server does so automatically. Simply close the application and your data are saved.

Q: I want more gold, weapons, xp etc…. Can the mayor give it to me?
A: NO! So don’t bother asking…

Q: I have reached level 18 and now I don't get any more XP or levels. Why?
A: If you are playing Orumant you can only get to level 18. if you want to continue gaining XP and levels you should buy Dagonar, Shirard’s Forge or Sterling Lake.

Q: I want to stay at my current level and gain infinite XP. Can I do that?
A: No, it is not possible to stop your hero from gaining levels!

Q: Where can I get the game for free?
A: Normally the EoE games are not free and you simply have to buy them!

Q: How do I use bombs?
A: In order to use bombs you need to also have the Toss Bomb skill so remember to buy it at the Academy! When you have both the skill and a bomb you can use it in the arena by selecting target fields for the bomb to land in.

Q: I lost my password to my account. Can you send my password to my other account?
A: For safety reasons we don’t send login details to other accounts (or email addresses) than the account asking for it. Therefore you should always make sure to write down your Nickname and Password so you don’t forget them. Also, we strongly recommend not using the same Nickname and Password as this will be very easy to hack!

Q: What is the "Special" menu in the Arena for?
A: The Special slot in the Arena is for later use when special events are introduced...just ignore it for now :-)

Q: I have less than 20 members in my clan and yet I can't invite any more members. I thought that there could be 20 members in a Clan?
A: There can, in fact, be a total of 20 members in each clan. However, when you invite new people to you clan you can only invite as many as there are free slots. Unused invitations expire after 3 days.

Q: What is the "Special" menu in the Arena for?
A: The Special slot in the Arena is for later use when special events are introduced...just ignore it for now :-)

Choose the ranking list you want to check out:

These rankings will show you which Heroes have gained the most total levels. Levels gained depend on the amount of experience earned in fights.

The Respect high scores will give you an idea of who the best players are. Respect gained (or lost) depends on factors such as level difference and the number of Life Points lost during a fight.

Hot shot
The Hot Shot rankings give you an overview of who is developing fast. At the top of the list are those players that have won the most respect within the last seven days.

This lists shows the top Clans based on how much respect they have earned through all their members.

Clan Wars (CW)
The Clan War ranking shows you standings in the latest Clan War, which is a tournament that runs from the 1st till the 7th of each month. All created clans automatically compete in the tournament when its members fight in the towns.

Blood Duels (BD)
This will give you an overview of the latest Blood Duel, which is a tournament for individual players. Blood Duels run each Wednesday (except when there is an ongoing Clan War) at 08:00-11:00 GMT and 18:00-21:00 GMT. Winners get a free magical prize and a special head graphics.


:: The Era of Eidolon game series is based on our unique game concept that allows you to use the same Hero in a whole range of different games and game types for your mobile phone. You can play the EoE games everywhere and you will get countless hours of game play against people from all over the world.
:: Below is a list of features you will get from our games:
:: Play exciting player vs player arena fights

Explore the world in solo adventures with loads of dangerous monsters

Hustle and cheat your opponents in funny card games with a twist

Meet dedicated gamers from all over the world

Boost your Hero with countless suits of armour, weapons, spells & skills

Compete in the many competitions and tournaments and win game prizes

Win magical items and gain the edge over other players

Form your own clan and recruit the best Heroes to beat the other clans

Join the EoE community that includes chat, mail, & forum

Find the hidden secrets and solve puzzles

Enjoy the great graphics and animations

Listen to the sound tracks (some made by famous Rob Hubbard)

Get free updates and latest news at the official wap and web sites

Choose between online & offline gaming

See your place on the many high scores

Improve your Hero so as to fit your playing style

Download wall papers for your phone

Fight our special Gladiators or play against the Gamblers

Now you have an idea what you will get in Era of Eidolon so why not buy your games now?

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