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Hi to all , These are all the tricks i know so for, you need a PC or LAPTOP and the required connectivity tools, i.e, serial/USB cable or Infrared Device or Bluetooth Dongle-
(1) Active Airtel Live.
(2) Create 2 Airtel data accounts as and select 1st as the active profile.
(3) Connect your mobile to PC or LAPTOP and install driver for mobiles modem.
(4) Create a new dial-up connection using now connection wizard as follows-
->CONNECTION DEVICE-your mobiles modem>ISP NAME-Airtel (or anything)
->PHONE NO>*9936......#
(5) Connection Configuration your browser and download manager to use the Proxy and Port 8080 (my advice to use opera sinae you can browser both wap and regular wasite)
(6) Connect to the dial up account, you will be comected al 115.2 kbps.
(7) Pick up your mobile and try to access any site you will get "ACCESS DENICE" (expect for airtel live) It does not maters keep the mobile down.
(8) On the PC open the browser enter any address press enter and wait.
(9) After few 2 seconds the page will start to load and you have the whole internet at your disposal.

First pair your phone with your PC, using the intructions on the main page, This will allow windows to delet the modem,and install drivers for it.
You will also need to obtain GPRS access point settings from your network provider,then enter them into your phone.
NOTE:- for unrestricted access you need GPRS-web settings (iGPRS).
If you use GPRS-wap settings,the service may be limited.
Once you have the settings, enter them into your phone under network connection settings. There is no need to delete or overwrite any existing settings. Simply create new ones, as your phone can store several
Now on your PC click "start" followed by "control panal".
Now click the icon named "Network Connections".
Click on "Create a new Connection".
A connection wizard window will apper. You just click "Next".
Choose the first option "connect to the internet" then click "next".
Then choose " setup my connection manually" and click "next".
Choose "connect using a dial up modem" then click "next".
Tick the "bluetooth modem" then "next".
It will ask for an ISP name. You can put what you want i.e. "o2internet" then click "next".
It will ask for a phone number so you will need to type *99# (star nine nine hash) this dial up will work for most phones.
If the dial number does not work, go back and change it to *99***n#, where "n" is the slot number of the web settings.
(i.e. If the mobile-web settings in your phone are stored in slot 3, then the dial code is *99***3#)
If you are unsure which slot the correct access settings are stored in, you can place on intialization command in you modem settings. Then use *99# as the dial number.
Instruction for entering the intialization command can be found at the main menu.
Once you have entered the dial number click next.
You will be asked for a username and password but just leave those boxs blank, as your phone will provide this information.
Finall click "finish".

Connection mobiles to PC have always been difficult but that could really easy if you understand the basics of comecting mobile to PC and transfer your ringtones, games, data between you mobile and PC.
Recognize connecting capabilites of mobile.
First you have to check what are the connecting abilities of your mobile. I mean by how many different ways your mobile can connect to other devices.
The most commo connecting ways are:
(1) Bluetooth
(2) Infrared
(3) Cable connection.
So lets one of them should be there in your mobile.
--> If you have BLUETOOTH enable mobile:
Materlals Needed : Bluetooth Dangle For PC
Bluetooth Enabled Phone
Mobiles Software (PC suite e.g.)
First i would like to tell you abou bluetooth dongle, it is and electronic USB device which is cnnnected to your PC and than you PC can receive and send all type of bluetooth singls and that is the key point for this type of conection first connect your bluetooth dongle to your PC and install its driver as if provided. Then swich on your mobiles bluetooth reception so you can send bluetooth singnals to PC then run your installed PC software for that mobile, which you are trying to connect. For NOKIA mobiles PC suite is provided if the buy mobile and some is the case for other companies so you should have your PC software of your mobile otherwise you can download from internet. Now you are on your on way to send data from PC to you device.
--> If you have INFRARED enable mobile:
Materials Dongle for PC Infrared Enabled Phone Mobiles Software (PC suite e.g.)
First it would be better if you get to know what is Infrared Dongle. It is an electronic USB device which helps your PC to send and receive infrared singnals and this is device which would act as a bridge between your mobile and PC.
Turn on infrared reception in you phone and connect infrared dongle with your PC. Now you have to align you device horizontally with your infrared dongle so now you are conneted to your PC.
Open/run you mobile PC software to start communicating with your mobil.
For Nokia mobiles PC suite is provided if you buy mobile and same is the case for other companies so you should have your PC software of your mobile otherwise you can download from internet.
Now you are on your on way to send data from PC to your device.
--> If you have mobile DATA CABLE:
Materials Needed:
Connecting Cable Mobiles Software (PC suite e.g.)
First is good if you have knowledge about connection cable. Sometimes it is provided with you mobile phones when you buy them and sometime you have to buy them. It acts as a bridge between you mobile and you PC and transfer electrical signals from your mobile to your PC and PC to mobile.
This cable may connect at serial port at back of your PC or this cable may connect at USB port. Do as it is provided. Connect on end of cable to your mobile and other end with your PC.
Open/run you mobile PC software to start communicatint with your mobile and start sending ring, game, theme, e.t.c.
For Nokia mobiles PC suite is provided if you buy mobile and same is the case for other companies so you should have your PC software of your mobile otherwise you can download from internet.
Now you are on your on way to sand data from PC to your device.

[1] First of all u need a PC & CELLPHONE with airtel connection. (GPRS ACTIVATED)
[2] Connect ur cell with PC using data cable.
[3] Now install driver of the mobiles modem.
[4] Create a new dial up connection using follwing connection wizard-
> Connection Device: Mobile's modem
> ISP Name: Only YMANOJ131
> User Name & Password: Blank
> Download Manager & Use Proxy: 100:001:200:099
> Prot: 8080
> Connect To Dial-up: Account Now
> Now Start Connecting Through Cellphone
> Three Will Be A MSG Acces Denied or Service Unavilable
> But U Should Trit It Again & Again
> U Will Get Connection Within 15 to 20 min.
> When Got Connected To Server On Mobile Start Browsing On PC.
This is for full free
Try it.

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