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Three Dollar Bill, Yall$

5.Nobody Love´s Me
10.Stink Finger
11.Indigo Flow

Yo yo yo. Sup Beeatches? Do you like EMINEM? I do. Do you like KORN? I do. Remember break-dancing in the early 80's? Sheeeit…I do. There were a couple movies even about break-dancing back then…my cousin's hero was Bugalu Shrimp! Yeah, that's weak, I know! I remember when RUN-DMC and AEROSMITH did "Walk This Way" together…so cool. Do any of you like any Hardcore? I do. I definitely have room in my collection for Metalcore. I don't give a shit if SLIPKNOT wear masks…I dig their tunes. What's all this shit got to do with LIMP BIZKIT? Nothing at all…that was all about me and my open get over it.
If you are reading this review, I gotta ask you why. You see most people won't admit to liking LIMP BIZKIT and everyone hates Fred Durst and likely don't even know why they do. Most of you are asking what the hell is Doc doing reviewing this shit. Most of you made up your mind long ago about the band so again…why even read this…reviews are to help you make decisions I thought. Ok, ok some of us read reviews for entertainment and to see if someone agrees with you about something you already know. That's cool. Well, I truly think you are reading this review because a little part of you wants to come clean and claim a little love for the BIZKIT…admit it pansies or move the fuck on!

So on with it…Fred Durst is apparently an asshole…heard it before. I have never had much to do with LIMP BIZKIT from day one so I wouldn't know. I wrote them off because of the Rap influence and the rumours…my bad. Why is that bad…because we have accepted every other form of music into Metal…no reason to frown on Hip-hop or Rap just for the sake of it…if you don't like it don't buy it. So lately I have been curious as I often am…I can't stand not knowing and not having a deep understanding of everything Metal. What attracted so many to LIMP BIZKIT in the first place and why do they come back for more. Like I said above, I learned I could open my mind to a lot long ago…here I go again.

This debut CD by LIMP BIZKIT is pretty aggressive and intense. It is a well-produced, well-written and exciting collection of songs. It is a great mix of KORN and SLIPKNOT if you ask me…which means a mix of Metal, Hip-Hop and Metalcore. If done well, I don't care what the fuck you call it. Fred Durst is truly the focus here…he has a great voice and few can scream with the angst he possesses. After the intro, "Pollution" kicks things off with some cool guitar and a great chorus. Much like with all the tunes, neither are too complex but they sound cool so I'm down with it. "Counterfeit" has a cool mix of keyboard and funky bass-accompanied verses alternated with riff-based screaming choruses. Throughout, the CD sets up with that classic alternating clean/harsh vocals characteristic of Nu-Metal bands but here it was done so un-BACKSTREET BOYS and so right. Much like the first couple KORN CD's this is classic, angry, leader-of-the-genre Nu-Metal. None of the tracks are a letdown and the bizarre cover of George Michael's "Faith" is down-right deadly no less.

"Three Dollar Bill, Y'All $" is honestly what you make of it. There was a time when ANTHRAX rapped there asses off with PUBLIC ENEMY and we all thought it was the shit. I guess it was ok because ANTHRAX was Metal first and foremost and that was an "experiment". BULLSHIT! If you are accepting of ALL Metal, you will recognize this release for what it is…a great CD from it's genre. In a time now where Metal fans have gone beyond guitars, drums and keys and have accepted all instruments into Metal and have also allowed genres such as Jazz, Classical, etc to fuse with Metal I think it is also time to accept Nu-Metal is here to stay in some form. This CD was groundbreaking at the time and it holds up well today. It doesn't have to be your favourite style to admit it is good or occupy a little room on your shelf so get with the program!

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