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Rum13 kakkie

mal tief aka leandrea

Ja j mal bietz..jys mos slim jou hoer...wat ken ek nu se oor jou ...hmm ..ok u use ppl 2 rat 4 u. .let it be knwn that i will destroy ur fokof u tief cum nd rat me again ...ur useless nd a piece of shit that needs 2 be notified how u suck ..yet u claim that im what way i ask u...i will always make u a poes untill u learn 2 respect me...tell ur moderator friends they will lose their positions nd that i have 20 ppl lodging a complaint against themod .. XooX_SpeX... so ja i alreadi made u a poes nd i will do it again...i wil type u sumtin than u will knw how a poes u reali r...takin mense 4 gatte will cost u dearly u nat kont oopgele de toet wat stink ...go fuck a dog cos dats reali how ur virginity got taken. ..voetsek jou mase bloed poes .... ur nt in my league so ja tsek jou teef ... i dare u 2 rat me again u inarticulated feature of mankind .. Here goes.....
Yo ho ho luk at diz crow,the only thing diz mother fucker knws is how 2 blow,nd if u think im talkin bout how u blow ur nose,nah ah ah u got sum homos nuts xposed.i reali think that im cutting it a bit 2 close,2 bad cos i dnt justify myself 2 a fucken bietz ho.njah ah ah they call the program dishonest john,h mite be a dishonest guy bt i surely dnt fucken watch lesbian porn.goddammit mangal u reali need 2 change ur appearance,ur getin 2 be a lil grotesque piece of shit annoyance.i dnt associate myself wit ur kind of androgyne creatures,just fuck off tees nd leave me wit my glorious manly features ....CENSORED.....jou poes jou nai...chais j dai huh?gaut jou poes.. .... .... ....voetsek
I hope u read that u mase poes cos im nt done wit u...nt by a long shot...valse teef.. .jou brazzez kan my ok fokol maki...ur a waste of space a ou naier ina go kak nd have a nice life...insipid bitch

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