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ive finaly woken

yep i did it again/fell for the talk fell for the presents/fell for you like you was sum1 from heaven/ couldnt belive out of evryone you chose me/ said i was ur grl called me ur lay_D/ for a year evrything was fine/ then one day u chose to cross the line/ then act like cos you told me i should be fine/ fine that you did to me what u promised you wouldnt/ or the fact you did what u knew u shouldnt/ uno hw much it took me to trust another man/ yet in your eyes it wasa mistake and i should av been fine/ after what they did to me u really have no clue/even one man disrespected me in front of u/ and what did u do?? yeah what did u do?? jak shit promised me the man would get dealt wid/ lol n i still stayed even after u did jak/just kept telling myself i wasnt worth that/
so i finished it with you and uno i blatently did/told you if u ever hurt me then id be gone i cant 4give/ n i got wid sum1 else cos i thought that was all i was worth/ let him take adavantage cos in my head i was dirt/Told u about the kiss and what did u do to me/put bullets ina gun in front of me to see/after what u did that night i knew it was done/ so yeah i did them things but in my head i just thought of you/ i was laying there feeling like i was being raped n all cos of u/ i put myself through it cos i thought it would make me better/ instead i got depression n thought dying would b better/ again in your eyes i did the worst if only u was in my body ud no i felt cursed/ u got with them two grls and took her to our bed/ took her to our hotel and did evrything but sex/ well so thats what u said/but u dnt get that i did my stuff after was like my way of letting out my anger/ n i didnt care we both hurt eachother in more ways than one/ but i knew in my heart i wanted ur son/
so we got back togther i promised you forver/ said id b ur wife n 4get the strife/ but u sd u knew better/ brought up the past evrytym we was 2gvr/ made sure i felt low in myself u knew id leave u never/took 30 paracetomol thought i wouldnt see u ever/ u found me hospital saved me/but it got too much the way u was going on/ when i was pregnant u didnt even call about ur son/had scans appointments scared out my wits/u just kept treating me lika peice of shit/ we nearly died/and to me what u say is now just lies/ at nyt id miss u and cry/tried evrything to make u realise/ that im so in love with you but ino now its too late/ youve chosen a new life and tome you hate/ ive woken up and seen the truth/after evrything i did n let u put me through/ i cant belive how in love i was with you/ now you treat me like im nothing and i really dont care/ cos one day youll see the light n me and phoenix wont b ther!

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