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ur say on my issues

Wat do u think the burning issues r.and wat do u think about them.

Was watchin the wizard of oz 2day an got thinkin how beautiful judy garland was.she is one of the most angelic lookin woman 2 walk our planet so how the hell did she give birth 2 liza i'm not sayin she's a bad person coz u have 2 have a big heart 2 take pitty and marry a guy like david guest. But she has been hit with the ugly stick on more than 1 occasion. I'd even go as far 2 say she was beat 2 near death with it till the stick broke an the stick sent its even uglyer brother round 2 get revenge.she must have got her mothers brains an her mothers an her dad was 1 ugly mofo. Oh an i know wat ya thinkin. Wats a 23yr old doin watchin wizard of oz an 2 b honest i don't know myself lol
Poor britney!. My heart goes out 2 every1s saying told u so!. i was once a fellow post natal depression sufferer.i cant imagin wat shes goin through.she cant even go for a burger without every1 knockin her down.every1 should b aloud 2 make a mistake or 2.and shes shown us shes only human.good luck britney.
Size 0 !. I think the only ppl 2 blame for eating disorders r the ppl that have them. There like sheep trying 2 b like some1 there not. As im a girl thats proud of my curves id never give them up for a flat chest an tiny waist.but variety is the spice of life as they say an the world would b a boring place if we didnt have it so wat eva size if ya truely happy then good for u.
i've been thinkin alot l8ly that maybe alot of things we read about in the papers could actually b our fault.gun crime is 1.with all the murders an shooting wat r we doing 2 provent it? We buy our children an little boys toy guns. And all the lets blame celeb's or models for stick thin girls puking up there meals.when there role model as a child was the barbie doll they got off there mum an dad. Its easy 2 blame some1 else but i for one will b buyin my son foot balls bored games an cars for his birthday in future.

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