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Tips and Tricks 4

Nokia S60 Phone TIPS and FAQS

Reinstall All App/Game On Ur Phone
1. Format ur Memory Card , using card reader more faster.
2. ReFormat ur phone drive (drive c and d). To do it there are two ways :
- Use secret code *#7370# or
- On Phone switch off , press and hold 3 button (Dial,*,3) , and switch ur phone ON , wait until format screen show and release the 3 button , and follow the instruction on phone until format phone complete.
3. Reinstall all ur app and game.

Note : Before Reformat Phone Drive
Make sure to backup all ur contact and data that store in phone drive , becouse reformat phone drive make all ur contact and data gone.

Note : Why we need to reformat phone drive ?
This is becouse some app/game that u have before on ur phone , store their data/library file/installation configuration file/license file/security file in phone drive (drive c or d) , so when u reinstall ur app/game that store in Memory Card , all that files that i mention above still in phone drive. This is why phone drive must reformat to remove all that files.

App/Game Version
Some new version of app/game not support or run nicely with lately version OS Symbian. If u have this problem u can do 2 ways :
1. Update OS Symbian with newer version or
2. Use app/game with lately version

This sitution always happen with lately phone series with lately OS Symbian version.
But ..............
Some old version of app/game not run nicely with newer version of OS Symbian.

Message Error : "App Closed ChildInstall"
I hope everyone read this solution ................... this problem always show with S60 newer series , expecially on N6600 , N6630 , N7610 , N6620.

This error message mean , the installer files is missing , become hide state , corruption or have broken binarry code file. Expecially when the file installer came from BT tranfer file.

If Phone have this problem , the happening is :
1. File Installer (is BT Message Files) can not be delete, every time u want to delete message show is the file is using/not exist.
2. App can not be install, every time u try to install message show like above.

The Solution
1. Close all app/game that still run.
2. Run app for File Browser (like SeleQ , System Explorer , Profi File etc).
3. Find the installer file (BT Message) on folder ..\system\mail\00001001_S\[Mail Root -> Hex 0 - F]\[BT Message Folder ended by 'F' alpanameurik]\[BT Message File]
Note = Dont forget to set app file setting to show hiden file.
4. After u find it , delete that file (BT Message)
5. To make sure the file installer gone , check ur message inbox. If u delete the right file , that BT Message will be gone.
6. Send again the file installer to ur phone
7. After send file complete , just install it.


This tips only if ur apps/games install in Memory Card.

Device needed :
2. Card Reader

Setting PC/MAC :
1. Folder/File setting must be set to see hidden and system files.

To Backup Apps/Games
1. Insert ur Memory Card into Card Reader
2. Explorer main root Memory Card
3. Choose to Select All Folder and Files
4. Choose to Copy
5. Make a new folder in ur PC Hard Drive (like ...\MMC Backup\)
6. Open that new folder
7. Paste all Folder and Files there
8. Backup is Complete

This TIPS much usefull, expecially before u install new app/game on ur phone. Becouse always happen when u install new app/game into ur phone sometimes ur phone hung. So if ur phone hung u dont have to reinstall all ur app/game again, just do this way :

1. Insert ur Memory Card into Card Reader
2. Choose Format Drive Memory Card - dont forget to set system file is FAT
3. After Format Complete, copy all folders and files that u bakcup in backup folder into ur Memory Card root
4. Insert ur Memory Card into ur phone
5. Switch ON ur phone
6. See and watch while phone run start up screen, if there is a message error - wait until phone in standby menu - rebuild ur 3rd party app (code is *#7780#) - and restart ur phone. And if there is not message error u dont have to rebuild 3rd party app.

Memory Card Lock Password
S60 Phone have facility to Protect your Memory Card using Lock Password.

Why using Lock Password ?
1. To protect your Memory Card using in other phone.
2. If someone stole your Memory Card , he/she will be trouble to used it - except he/she have experience with Phone Hardware Device.

What will you do if you FORGOT your Lock Password ?

Solution One
This solution for Phone that have execution file name : on folder z:\system\app\
Note :
Not all S60 Phone have this execution file.
To unlock Memory Card :
- Run execution file
- Enter new Password you like (example "12345")
- Run app Memory (Phone app Memory Standard)
- Choose To Unlock MMC with that new password

Solution Two
Every times you set to lock ur Memory Card with lock password , phone made a file to save your password with file name mmcstore - you can find ths file in folder c:\system\.
Note :
To see the file you must set ur file browser app to show hidden files.

To get your Lock Password :

- Send that file into your PC
- Change file extension with .txt
- Open that file using app Notepad
- You will see your lock password


(This way not always success)
- Make sure that your phone have app Notepad
- Copy that file into other folder
- Change its attribute not a system file and not a hidden file
- Change its extension with .txt
- Run app Notepad on your Phone
- Open that file
- You will see your lock password

App Closed nclist means inbox failed to reindex ur messages, that why ur latest msg put in last index not in first index.

Remember what ur latest app that u install into ur Phone. If that app for SMS/MMS Control , try to remove it and see if ur problem solve. If still not , look all ur app , if there is app for SMS/MMS Control - try to remove them all - and see if the problem solve. If still not continue to read TIPS Two for solution.

If ur phone have not any app for SMS/MMS control or u have already removed all ur additional app for SMS/MMS Control and the problem not fix yet. Try to replace where ur msg store. Like do one of these :
1. If now ur phone save msg in Phone Memory (drive c) - change the msg setting to save msg in Memory Card OR
2. If now ur phone save msg in Memory Card (drive e) - change the msg setting to save msg in Phone Drive
When u change msg setting - if ur phone ask for copy original msg and keep all ur msg - choose NO.
Then look again - is the problem fix ? If No continue read TIPS Three for other option

Your own screen saver for 6630

choose you image, convert it to bitmap format, then mbm one...
edit 2 files found in z:\System\Screensavers\ (BmpAnimScrPlugin.ini, and up it on your phone... do it you need MBM Whizard in order to create your image...
if you have a gif file, take every frame and convert it to bitmap...

the BmpAnimScrPlugin.ini file will be edited as follow:

; Plugin name

; Bitmap file name (on ROM full path is needed)
mbmfile=e:\system\screensavers\BmpAnimSc rPlugin.mbm

; Running time in millis

; Suspend time in millis (max 2147483647, -1 indefinitely)

; Time between images in millis

; Time to keep lights on in seconds

change ; Plugin name (name=Teschio) with the name of your screen...

with a HEXeditor edit in the same manner...

and up the 3 files (BmpAnimScrPlugin.mbm, BmpAnimScrPlugin.ini and in E:\System\Screensavers\ by a sis file.
you can create the sis file with "KVT Symbian Installer"...


P.s.: Files in Z:\ are not editables! copy them in a directory of MMC...

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