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.•° ♥love sms♥ .•°

☻I feel something in my heart, it's
like a little flame, every time I see
you, this flame lights up, this flame
is special for you, because I LOVE
☻Love is....... to love more and more
each day....
☻Love under the stars... they seem
very far, but you are so close the
star I love the most
☻Lonely? no, how can I be lonely
when you are always in my
thoughts. I wake up with you and
go to sleep with you. I love you!!
☻Kiss me and you will see
stars ....Love me and I will give
them to you.
☻I would love you only little when I
would be able to say how much I
love you!... Kiss
☻Like a rose needs water, like a
season needs change, like a poet
needs a pen, I need you!!
☻The moment I first saw you, you
warmed my heart, the second time
you made little flames and now
you make my heart burn like hell !
☻Falling in love is when she falls
asleep in your arms and wakes up
in your dreams !
☻Working is a delight, leave
enough work for your colleagues.
☻My husband and I cannot decide...
a dog or a we ruin our
carpet or our life?
☻Remember that you are unique...
just like everybody else!
☻I never forget a face, but for you I
will make an exception.
☻Nostalgia is not what it used to
☻Speaking Italian is hard, but I eat
and drink it without difficulties!
☻A good movy can make you cry...
so can onions.
☻Those who think that things
happen too fast are expected in a
bank or a post office!
☻Make your life a house your heart
can live in. With a door that is open
to receive friends. And a garden
full of memories … of many good
...a garden full of memories … of
many good things.
☻You cannot buy friendship, you
can earn it. If someone comes for
help, be a true friend !
☻A friend is always welcome ... Early
in the morning or late at night.
Time is of no importance ... When it
concerns real friendship!!
☻Friendship is a wonderful word, it
might be te most beautiful one on
earth. Friendship is something
powerful, a gift of great value!
☻No gold or precious stones ... give
us happiness and peace,
friendship and its warmth ... will
bring it to us
☻There is a big difference between
friendship and a rose... Roses last
only a while ... but friendship is for
☻I asked God 4 a flower, he gave
me a garden. Asked 4 a tree, he
gave me a forest. Asked 4 a river,
he gave me an ocean. Asked 4 a
friend, he gave me you
☻Friends are like stars... you don't
see them all the time, but you
know they're there!
☻Life is not easy and it will never
be, but you've got friends and one
of them is me ...
☻I must have been born under a
lucky star , to find a friend as nice
as you are. I will follow the
rainbow to the end , if you
promise to remain my friend !!!
☻I miss you so, here around me, so
many people, but yet so alone. I
miss your lips, your lovely smile, I
miss you each day more and more!
☻If I die and go to heaven, I'll put
your name on a golden star. So
that all the angels can see, how
much you mean to me.
☻Every message is a smile ... every
word is like a kiss but when you
touch me ...remember this ... my life
is full with happiness
☻By following my heart I came to
you, I only forgot to take
something back with me. For my
thoughts are still with you.
☻The ideal husband is the one who
understands what his wife did not
☻Love is hard and will always be,
but remember somebody loves you
and that one is ME !
☻If the people we love are stolen
away from us the only way to have
them live on is to never stop
lovin'them. Buildings burn, people
die, but real love is forever...
☻Without love I cannot live, You are
love so I cannot live without you!!!
☻LOVE is something beautiful,a
desire, a feeling that one would
like to catch. LOVE is the feeling
that makes you feel alive. LOVE is
something that may never go
☻I wanted to send you all my love
but the postman said it was too
big !!!!! ...
☻Roses of red grow in my heart
and they will never wither... 'Cause
they bloom every time I see your
smile, hear your voice or just think
of you!
☻If you live to be a hundred , I
want to be a hundred minus one
day , so I don't have to live a day
without you...
☻You know what, in the whole
world there is no such darling
whom I love and I want the whole
world to know that I will never
forget you!
☻If I die and go to heaven, I put
your name on a golden star. So
that all the angels can see how
much you mean to me !! I love you
☻I cannot resist the tears of a
woman, that is why I would do
anything for you
☻You are always in my heart, here
and everywhere, There is no one in
the whole world that makes me
feel this way.
☻That I love you is no wonder. But
the fact that you care about me,
that is very special.
☻Women admire a man because he
is strong , but they love him for his
☻There are a lot of birds wispering
only about you, you should once
listen to them, then you would
know how much I love you.
☻There Were Times You Make Me
Cry... Looking 4 A Reason Why...
There Were Times You Make Me
Fly...Stay With Me Until I Die...Stay
With Me..
☻I love you not because of who
you are,
but because of who I am when I
am with you.
☻No man or woman is worth your
and the one who is, won't make
you cry.
☻Just because someone doesn't
love you the way you want them
doesn't mean they don't love you
with all they have.
☻To the world you may be one
but to one person you may be the
☻Maybe God wants us to meet a
few wrong people before meeting
the right one,
so that when we finally meet the
person, we will know how to be
☻Don't cry because it is over,
smile because it happened.
☻Make yourself a better person and
know who you are
before you try and know someone
else and expect them to know you.
☻A true friend is someone who
reaches for your hand
and touches your heart.
☻The worst way to miss someone
is to be sitting
right beside them knowing you
can't have them.
☻Never frown, even when you are
because you never know who is
falling in love with your smile.

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