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Symbols are sometimes better than words and valentine symbols can work wonder as Valentine’s Day gifts when they are endowed with series of meanings comprehensible only to the ones who are in love. So the scholars of the romance world use these valentine symbols as medium for expressing and intensifying love. And if you are thinking that the use valentine symbols has only started with Valentine’s Day flowers or cupid pictures or heart symbols, nothing can be less further from the truth. Dolphins, pendants, crystal ornaments and butterflies were some of the popular valentine symbols, which were used, in the earlier times.

Romantic Symbols
With the passage of time, Valentine symbols have undergone changes and new and more romantic symbols have come to replace the old ones. Some of the new Valentine symbols are Heart, cupid, rose flower, love knot, lovebirds and doves. So enchant your darling by giving some personalized Valentine’s Day gifts in the form of some of the most romantic Valentine symbols and express your love in one of the most elegant ways.

To a beloved, there is no symbol as important as the heart. To give someone one's heart means to give to him or her one's whole being, for the heart is at the center of one's existence. The heart stands for the most profound and noblest of human emotions- that of love. Through ages, it has inspired millions to rise above the mundane cares and to get lost in the thought of their beloved. Thus a heart, pierced by the cupid's arrow, has become the most famous of the valentine's symbols.

Romantic Roses
Rose, as the queen of flowers, symbolizes peace and war, love and forgiveness. Valentine's Day is a time to send flowers and gifts to your loved ones but beware! Some of these beautiful messengers may transmit wrong messages. Take the most common flowers, roses for instance. There are formal meanings of different colored roses in some cultures. Each of these meanings is still used in society today, so choose your color with care. White roses are for true love and purity of the mind. Red roses are for love and passion. Yellow roses are for friendship. Black roses mean farewell. Pink roses mean friendship or sweetheart. So pick up the right Valentine’s Day flowers this time to tell all that you wanted to say.

Ribbons, Laces and Frills
Ribbons, laces and frills as perfect Valentine symbols have been used since the ancient times of knights and nobles who used to wear the scarf adorned with ribbons, laces and frills specially prepared by their beloveds. Since then the ribbons, laces and frills have been used for symbolizing love in one of the most graceful ways.

Love Knot
Young women in strict Muslim households used to send their pledges of love to young men through messages woven through the knots of a carpet in an Arab tradition. This tradition of sending messages through the knots gave birth to the concept of love knots that continues to this day.

Love Birds and Doves
It was believed that on this romantic day, birds found their mates. This belief is still cherished by love struck people all over the world. The sweet little blue coloured lovebirds have come to signify that belief. It is said that the lovebirds can't live without their mates. Dove, in the Christian belief signifies purity, meekness and innocence. Hence, these two birds have become the most endearing symbols of the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Cupid, the mischievous son of the Goddess of Love, Venus, is supposedly responsible for people falling in love. According to the myths, anyone being hit by Cupid's arrow falls in love with the first person he/she sees. His mischievous intentions have led to some entertaining situations in various legends. Cupid in the Roman mythology has Eros, the son of Aphrodite, as his counterpart in the Greek Myths. The names of both these Gods are used synonymously with the concept of love today.

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