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Invention computer

The invention of the computer, apart from what anybody has told you, started around 2000 years ago. The computer started out as an abacus. An abacus is a rack made of wood with two wires running parallel to each other. On the wires there are beads. By moving the beads anyone can solve simple math problems. Next, there was the Astrolabe, used for navigating.

The first digital computer was invented in 1642 by Blaise Pascal. It consisted of numbers entered in dials but, it could only add. However in 1671 a computer was invented that was eventually was built in 1694. The man to credit for this invention is Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz. Unlike Pascal’s Leibniz’s could add and multiply. Leibniz also invented the stepped gear mechanism for the addend digit introduction, and to this day is still being used.

Now, I’m going to show you a timeline of the history of computers.

· In 3000 B.C. the abacus was invented in Babylon

· In 1800 B.C. the Babylonians invent algorithms for number problems

· In 500 B.C. the Egyptians make bead and wire abacus

· In 200 B.C. computing trays are starting to be used in Japan

· In 1000 B.C. a new abacus comes from Gerbert of Aurillac or Pope Sylvester

· In 1617 John Napier, a Scottish inventor, shows how to divide by subtraction and how to multiply by addition

· In 1622 the slide rule is developed by William Oughtred

· In 1624 first four-function calculator-clock is invented at Heidelberg University by Wilhelm Schickard

· In 1642 the first numerical calculating machines built in Paris by Blaise Pascal

· In 1780 electricity discovered by Benjamin Franklin

· In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone

· In 1886 first commercially mechanical adding machine that was successful is developed by William Burroughs

· In 1889 Hollerith tabulating machine issues patent

· In 1896 Hollerith constructs a sorting machine through the Tabulating Machine Company founded by himself

· In 1911 a merger of the Tabulating Company formed the Computer-Tabulating-Recording Company. It was also formed from the Computing Scale Company and the International Time Recording Company

· In 1921 in the play R.U.R. by Karel Capek Czech word robot is used to describe the mechanical workers

· In 1925 a large scale analog calculator, the differential analyzer, at MIT is built by Vannevar Bush

· In 1927 the first public radio-telephone becomes operational between London and New York

· In 1931 Konard Zuse builds the Z1 or the first calculator in Germany

· In 1936 Englishman Alan M. Turning made a machine defined to be capable of computing any calculatable function

· In 1937 at Bell Telephone Laboratories George Stibitz builds the first binary calculator

· In 1938 electric equipment is made at Hewlett-Packard Company

· In 1940 the first color broadcast is on TV

· In 1940 through Bell Laboratories remote processing experiments start creating the first terminal

· In 1944 built in England, was the Colossus Mark II

· In 1947 ACM or The Association for Computing Machinery is created

· In 1948 the 604 electronic calculator was introduced by IBM

· In 1951 the first combined computer conference was held

· In 1953 for the Univac, developed by Remington-Rand, the first high-speed printer was developed

· In 1958 in Japan NEC: the NEC-1101 and – 1102 developed the first electronic computer

· In 1960 for the first time ever removable disks appear

· In 1965 the first PDP-8 mini computer is shipped from Digital Equipment

· In 1969 the PDP-11/20, a 16-bit mini-computer, was shipped by DEC

· In 1972 an 8 bit microprocessor is introduced by Intel

· In 1976 Perkin-Elmer and Gould SEL introduce super mini computers

· In 1977 the Apple II personal computer is introduced upon the founding of the Apple Computer

· In 1980 in the U.S. the total number of computers surpasses one million

· In 1983 in the U.S. the total number of computers surpasses ten million

· In 1986 in the U.S. the total number of computers surpasses 30 million

· In 1992 for Workgroup, for windows, is introduced by Microsoft

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