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Harmful application

Harmful application Names
A lot of people dont know this so i thought i'd post this here for all to see,

if you want to keep ur fone working properly save everything u can to ur MEMORY CARD, leave as much free space on your PHONE MEMORY as possible, cuz if u put too much stuff on the internal memory it will slow down your fone... especialy if u have a 7650 or 3650 (low ram problem)


>>>wildskins : works only on 7650, but if installed on any other phone it will destroy the phone making it useless, highly not recommended, if not used or uninstalled properly, causes phone errors like unable to type in letters, only in numbers, have to format phone to solve tis prob.

>>>photosplash : this app changes all the pictures on your phone to the same date making it very slow

>>>space doubler/ stacker : these can seriously mess up your phone if you dont decompress before deleting or if you delete this app without decompressing all your compressed apps

>>>spycall : i had this app and it messed up my phone even before completing instalation. Go for Call Recorder.

>>>bluejackx : reduces battery life, but otherwise harmless

>>>cabir : virus that reduces battery life as it constanly looks for other bluetooth devices... not lethal, just annoying

>>>talks60 : installed it on my 3650 and had to format, i didnt even get to try it out

>>>Dictaphone version 1.00 : doesnt work on 3650; had to format the fone coz i installed it. but dictaphone 1.01 works fine.

>>>Pro rally contest 3d : deletes 'to do' and 'calander' list, unless u dont have anything in 'to do' or 'calender', its better u dont install this game.

>>>Psiloc System Tools 1.40 : only works ONCE. Install, it says reboot the phone. I do, it starts, works. Reboot again and you get a "System error", with no additional explanation. Does not seem to affect anything else.

>>>Smart Profiles : Unstable. While playing games it replaces game tones with ringtones so you randomly get weird sounds. It randomly does that while browsing the menu. After uninstall and reboot phone, switching profiles still works (i mean the enhancements). You need to kill the task (need task manager) then remove the dll and ini files manually (need file manager). Bad. Also, randomly fails to replace customized ringtone for calendar (0.5 secs of new ringtone, than default)

>>>GeoPod : Doesnt work on 6600

>>>Space taxi 1 : Doesnt work on 6600 ( u need to latest version)

>>>WabbleLab : Doesnt work on 6600( can't get cam to work)

>>>Racer : Doesnt work on 6600

>>>RallyX : Doesnt work on 6600

>>>PhotoGrapher : Old versions won't work on 6600.
Version 2.4 won't install on 6600 wif firmware 4.09.1.

>>>XIII : cannot pass through stage 2 (for 6600)

>>>EtiCamcorder 1.0 : Need to set date to before 31/11/2003 to work.
No audio for 6600, unless u upgrade firmware to 4.09.1.

>>>SlovoEd : Closes randomly (for 6600)

>>>Full screen caller : Won't install (for 6600 firmware 4.09.1)
< Note: Full Screen Caller version 2.08 works on 6600 (firmware 4.09.1) >

>>>Screentaker : Won't install (for 6600 firmware 4.09.1)

>>>Total IR versions later than 1.41 : won't work (1.41 works just fine) (for 6600 firmware 4.09.1)

>>>please send your views, opinions, advice on mail

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