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Top ten lessons life has taught me.

My personal bible to surviving

No regrets.
( Lifes made up of experances , good or bad. And if you did nt experance the bad you could nt define the good)
Work hard - but play harder.
( Whats the point of earning so much cash you dont have time to spend it. I would rather be SKINT doing something i loved then rich and unhappy )
How you know when you ve fallan in love - you just know!
(Greatest thing my gran ever taught me. Love can often be mistake for lust and when your younger you fall in ' lust all the time'
But ture love is very rare.
Personally i found it very hard to define between love and lust. Thats when my gran shared her wisdom with me-
You know your in love when you stop questioning it.
Iv been in love twice, t first being scott
Who died 7 years ago. The second is with someone who will remain nameless for the time being!
Tomorrows another day.
(Easy to forget when your going though hell and everythings going wrong
Il be honest now and say iv contemplated suicide on a number of occasions-and got pretty close and it was only for certain people telling me that tomorrow really is another day and everything will seem brighter in t morning that im still here.
Lifes always been a mixture of highs and lows, but while you might lose your house/partner / dog one day you could win t lottery/man/women of your dreams -
So never give up!!)
Life will and never could owe you a favour.
(Sooner you learn this the better.
While everyones t CENTRE of thier own little universe, too many people think t world revolve s around them.
We are and can only ever hope to be nothing more then atoms
In space. And in t gen scheme of things we're little more then foot prints in melting snow.
Watch what you eat and always buy the best you can afford.
(You wouldnt belive it to look at me -size 8- but im a human dust bin. I love my deserts,choc ice cream and maccy 'ds' but i see food for what it is . . . Fuel. And like you wouldnt put the wrong type of petrol in your jag why would you want to do t same
To your body?
I always try and cook raw by this i mean i use no salt fat or oil. Instead i steam my veg n fish and try not to eat out of packets.
Also, it doesnt matter how SKINT i am id rather spend my cash on 'non super market' food then buy
C . R . A . P ,
Do i class what i do as i diet know? If i had choice of getting fat or dieting i would welcome the flab! I just eat good food, run everyday and after all that when i want to i eat enough junk to fill a large land fill!
Expect the unexpected.
(I think in my case anyway luck as the saying goes really is a lady. E.g total unpredictable.
Im luckly in the sense that life never turns out how i want it to but then has a strange habit of working out better then i could ever hoped.
Take kids for instance, hate is too strong a word but i def disliked t little ' b . E . E . P 's
I mean, i was aware my body clock would prob start ticking but plan was to have them in mid 30'S with my career behind me cash in the bank and if i didnt have t loving husband there was always the s . P . E . R . M bank!
Then along came poppy, and nothing else since has compared to her, you think you know what love is but truth is what you think is love is just some poor imatation in comparison to what you feel when you have kids
Another example, is how in mid of october i had a mini break down. Something i thought had been put to rest reappeared and i was in a nightmare all over again, so - stupidlly i packed my life in and ' escaped'
Or that was the plan!
Have habit of putting my trust in t wrong type of men, and again i ended up getting hurt and let down by someone i thought had wanted to help me. But this time i was left with nothing.
Talk about rock bottom.
I basically ended up taking a massive o . D and slit wrists moment got out of hospital for that.
Sorry, this story does have a happy ending! I fully expected to die but for some reason it did nt happen instead just to prove bad luck really does come
Threes, my gran (only member of family who loved me) died just before x mas.
But it made something change inside me and got place with womens aid,
Been here month and heads never been clearer, and as from april will be a published poet!!!

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