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say ahh - Woman Private Parts

Ga!l caught!!

Let ya fingers do the walkin say's gail

Lmfb0. Gail got caught,well this Puss. Think's her lame Shit on her site is goin to serve me. Lmfb0 easy say's he's feedin her info on me, they make me famous<Lmfb0 they gave 1 story abt p00l table's >look's shocked<Why?Lmfb0,they jealous off 0gz as usual, but they got the wrong info>is confused<and gail or it is easy? Is jealous off lil godess,i dont know Why ? Lmfb0. They call me ugly but stil yet to see me>is astonished<if i was ugly Why they put a pretty chicks pic and say I'm her bf?Hmmm.?????

And w0t mkz it w0rse is i did v0k0l t0 them. Gues i get t0 them wen i dnt even try 2>sh0ckd<and da 0da thng is diz gail madir. 0r is it easy 0nly as a site. . I'm much m0re p0pular-and it'z killin them;-)>wink wink<wel bk t0 da pic 0n t0p. Datz gails p0ez. She sent it t0 a frend. Wen he askd a pic 0f her face. L0l. Gues she thnkz shez a p0ez. 0r maybe she was h0rny??huh gail,lmfb0.i'l kp 0n burnin yaw arse 4u ya kunt,jeal0usy is already burnin u>winks< i gt u v0kd ya kunt. I aint desperate try an0ther line.
And yaw dbn25 is my h0me,c0z i can aff0rd it>winks<lmfb0 . Ppl url al knw me. D0 i even gv a v0k abt mxit ch!ckz? Lmfb0ff>grinz<i be da madir. And these p0ez'z wana h8 c0z uhm. They jeal0us. I g0t lil g0d??0r is it im p0pular?? 0r is it c0z 25 is my h0me. . These r da thngs they c0mplaind abt>sh0ckd<gail try again. I'l burn u and ph0ne the fire department after u've been c0mpletely d0ne 4>grinz>wait>lmfb0 i wil mk u jump ya kn0b. U w0nt hv 2 ask hw h!gh c0z i already made u jump b4>winkz<h0pe ya arseh0le
C@me ryt. And i'm seri0usly h0pin u st0pd eatin tabasc0 sauce>sh0ckd<lmfb0. I'l bump u 0f easily gail. Bring it 0n bitch. L0l u g0t cawt playin with ya self. Lettin da fingerz d0 da talkin 0n the yell0w puss>r0lz eyes<nxt time dnt assume ya kunt. I'm a madir anytime-N0 MATTER W0T U D0 .DA PPL wil stil be r0llin with da scamp. Get it in ya head ya v0kin lame dry clit face 2 skrik 2 face me.

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