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+when i come around+

I houlD y0u crYnG louD aLL thE way aCr0ss tOwn y0U've Been seArchINg for that s0me0ne and It's Me 0ut on the pR0wl as Y0u sit around FeEling s0Rry for yourseLf dont' get LoNely n0w Dry y0ur whiNing eyEs i'M juSt r0aming F0r The m0ment slEazin mY bacKyard so d0N't get s0 uptiGth y0u bEen tHinkinG ab0ut ditChing me N0 timE t0 sEaRcH the WorLd Ar0uNd cAusE y0u kn0w where i'Ll be F0und wHen i C0me ArouNd i Heard it All beFore so d0N't kn0ck D0wn mY do0r i'M a loSer and a User s0 i DoN'T nEeD n0 accuser t0 SlaG me d0wn because i Kn0w i'm rIGth so go Do wHat y0u LiKe MakE sure you do it wISe you MaY fiNd 0ut ThAt y0Ur self-d0ubt mEans n0thing wAs EvEr TheRe y0u cAN't go f0rcing s0methiNg if it's jUSt n0t Right

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