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That was not my fantacy that I had saw my father naked. He was a great human altogather. We called him as 'Hunk'.
He had got a nice physical appearance. Broad shoulders, huge biceps and well built legs. He always wears a moustase and his curly black hair always a do.

When I was 5 year old , I always find my father a close person then any other family members. He never went to market without me. I also feel proud beside him holding his big fingers. His fingers were hard and fat as if
as if the fingers were made of steel. I was enjoyed and thrilled when ever I touched that magnificant warm sticks.

He gave me a bicycle on my 12th birthday. It was my then highest gift ever any one had given to me.

He patted to my shoulders and said "Be careful son, Never be hurried when u fallen from the bicycle." "Ok Dad" I said . He smiled at me so passionetely and pinch my cheeks . I had felt a nice by his pinch. He waved his hand as I tried my new cycle.

That evening I went to my upstair room with so much pain. I had brushes all over my knees and my ankles and hands. As my mother and all other were gone to my uncle Sam's House for a family visit, so I was alone. I tried to be calm as I could. I fall asleep.

When I wake up, It was 8 in evening, I heard the Car driven sound to our garrage. It must had Dad from his office. I heard his foot steps towards my room. I sense a fear inside me if he shout at my brushes.

He smiled as I layed with all hurt, I was surprised by his smile. My eyes jerked with tears. "Ok My Brave son it happens."
He take off my shirt and pant and I lay there with my satin brief. He oppend the drawer and came beside me with a lotion and applied to my wounds. It was so cold I did not feel the pain by his steel fingers. Rather I enjoyed the feel.
He had to made a hot soup and dinner for me at kitchen so he Said "son I just came within a hour do not move. close you eyes and rest".
I layed there and felt the coldness of the medicine and the warm fingers of my dear Dad. As I imagined the warmness of his fingers my hand caressed my tiny cock over my brief. Instantly it grows and hard inside my thin satin material.

I am surprised when I opened my eyes, my father just beside me with a lusty smile. I just murrmered, " Dad I I am sorry." He even smiled at me and Said " Ok son it is so natural your in verge of your youngerhood". I closed my eyes
and said "I should not do that Dad Please do not tell my mother. "Ok Son you first finish your dinner I will apply some med. to your wounds."

I finished my dinner at the bed. He went the Mirror and put off all his clothings except his full drawer. He came beside me and sat at the edge of the bed and look at my wounds and apply some medicine I shiver at his touch and his coldcream. He take my head and lay it in his flat and hairy laps. His legs were full of thick hair.
I smeled his manly body odur , it was so sweet my nostrils were oppened for his odur. my mind was filled with excitement. "Umhh" the murmmered voice came without my efforts.

"What happened son you are enjoying pain and pleasure at the same time" You are so cute boy for that. " No Dad I just feeling your texture it is so smooth, how you grow that so much all over your body. You like a bear Dad."
"You all so grow such body hair my son, look at your body it just appearing, it is in our heridety.
He caressed his hand all over my non-wounded parts, I was so excited that my hand also moved on his thighs and kissed with my tiny lips.
It was so excited that my pain of wound had not bothered me any more. I covered my both hands around his huge body, I barely touched my both hands. He is like a barrel at his waist-line. As I moved my head to my fathers naval It was a small hole on his tight belly, With my excitement by caressing my body and over my bottom I inserted my lips in his naval.
I sticked my tounge inside his navel and moving it in a circular motion as my Dad quiverred with pleasure and his underwear began to rose like a tent. my eyes egerly saw the huge bulge appearing through the thin brief.
I had never seen my Dad naked before . I am always fatasized about his size when ever he woke up in morning with bouncing loose night dress and rushed to the bath room and at loo it was thudurous downpour that, I imagined the memberance was at least 10 inch or more of hard cock.

The story continued............

Please give comments.Your valuable comments may add to my thoughts and my story.

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