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kaip keiktis visomis kalbomis!:)


Poes / Doos - Pu.ssy

Fok jou - y.ou

Jy pis my af - You´re me off

Hoer - Wh.ore

Slet - Slu.t

Kak -

Poephol - As.s.ho.le

Dom Doos - Pus.s.y

Gaan fok jouself - Go your.self

*added by bb_b on #torrentsearch*
suig ´n vet donkey se voel - suck a fat mule cock



Koos - cunt.

nikomak - fuck your mother

sharmuta - whore

zarba - shit

kis - vagina

zib - pe.nis

Elif air ab tizak! - a thousand ´dicks´ in your ass!

kisich - pussy

Elif air ab dinich - A thousand dicks in your religion

Mos zibby! - Suck my dick!

Waj ab zibik! - An infection to your dick!

kelbeh - bitch (lit a female dog)

Muti - jackass

Kanith - Fucker

Kwanii - Faggot

Bouse Tizi - Kiss my ass



Aboosh - Stupid

Dmbo, Khmbo - Idiot

Myruht kooneh - Fuck your mother

Peranuht shoonuh kukneh - The dog should shit in your mouth

Esh - Donkey

Buhlo (BUL-lo) - Dick

Kuk oudelic shoon - Shit eating dog

Juge / jugik - penis

Vorig / vor - ass

Eem juges bacheek doer - Kiss my penis

Eem voriga bacheek doer - Kiss my ass

Toon vor es - You are an ass

Toon esh es - You are a jackass

Metz Dzi-zik - Big Breasts

Metz Jugik - Big penis



baing chood - sister fucker

chood - fuck/fucker

choodmarani - mother fucker

haramjada - bastard

dhon - dick

gud - pussy

khanki/maggi - whore

laewra aga - dickhead

tor bapre choodi - fuck your dad



Gus - Ass

Coochka - Bitch

Pederas - Gay / Fag

Luyno - Shit

Luyno Guava - Shit Head

Peeshka Guava - Penis Head



Do prdele - (literally, ´In the ass´), ´Up yours´

Mrdat, prcat - very dirty words for ´fuck,´
used only by the lowest of the low(whores, thugs, etc.)

Chces mrdat?
(ksesh mrrdat?) - ´Do you want to fuck?´

Hovno - ´shit´

Prsa - Tits

Pinjor - Cock

Hovno Hlava - Shit Head

Peecha - Pussy/Cunt


Chinese (multiple Dialects)

Cantonese (phonetic, more or less)

Poq Gai - ´Go Die in the street´, general purpose swearword
(ie can fit in any context, like ´shit!´ or ´fuck you´
or ´you bastard´ etc etc etc. add words before and
after for effect

D´iu ne lo mo - Fuck your mom

sAY Baht Poh - bitch

tiu nia ma chow hai - fuck your mom´s smelly cunt

sek si - eat shit

hum kah chan - death to your family!

lok chat - dick

hamsap - horny person (not a swear word actually,
just an insult)

chow fah hai - smelly cheap cunt

gai - whore

Mandarin (phonetic, more or less)

gun ni ma /
chao ni niang - fuck your mom

chao ni niang de zhu
zong shi ba dai - fuck your mom´s ancestors
grandmas great grandmas

daH bien - shit

Liu mang - standard swear for bastard/assmunch/etc

Ni ma la bi - Your mother contracts turtles.

Hokkien (Phonectic, more or less)

Cheeby - Pussy

Lan Jiao - Dick

Kiu Mo - Pubic Hair

Ni Na Bu - Your Fucking Mother

Chao - Cheeby Smelly Pussy

Lan Hoot - Balls

Neh - Breast

Ka Ni Na Beh Chao Cheeby
- Fuck Your Bloody Mother´s smelly pussy

Ka Ni Na - Fuck Your mother

Ka Ni Lao Beh - Fuck Your Father

peh bu ki ho lang kan - parents go fuck by someone

peh bu ki ho gao kan - parents go fuck by dogs

and the chao cheebye - smelly cunt

keh - whore

Hakka (Phonectic, more or less)

diao nia meh - fuck your mom

chew hai - smelly cunt

bot nia meh see
tai lang - fuck your mom´s smelly cunt

chap jong - bastard

guy - whore

nia meh boon kiu diao - let the dog fuck your mom


Dutch (Holland)

lul - dick

kut - cunt

kak, stront - shit

opdekontneuker - up-the-ass-fucker

hoer - hooker

eikel - dickhead



kuradi munn - (Lit. devil´s penis)

kuradi puts - (Lit. devil´s cunt) [strong]

kurat vo~tku - fuck you (Lit. let devil takes it)

kurat, saatan - devil

kusema/pissima (v) - to piss

mine persse! - (Lit. go into ass)

mine vittu - fuck off (Lit. go into cunt)

munn - penis

nussima,nikkuma (v) - to fuck

piss/kusi - piss

raisk - rotted

sitt - shit

sittuma (v) - to shit

vitt/puts - cunt



vittu - fuck(Lit. cunt)

helvetti - hell

vittupaeae - (Lit. cunthead)

kusipaeae - pisshead

paskiainen - bastard

paska - shit

Suksi vittuun - Ski into a cunt

Vedae vittu paeaehaen - Draw a cunt over your head

Ime munaa, runkkari - Suck cock, wanker



merde - shit

manges la merde - eat shit

tu m´emmerdes - you´re pissing me off
(Lit. you´re shitting on me)

tu me fais chier - you are pissing me off

vas faire foutre
a la vache - go fuck a cow.

encule - fuck you (anal style!?)

salope, ordure, conasse,
poofias - bitch

va te faire voir,
va aux diable,
aux pelotes,
fous la camp,
va te faire cuire un oeuf,
va chier,
te faire voir chez lez Grecs!
- go to hell!, Fuck off!

vas te faire foutre - go get fucked (lit: stuff you)

vas te faire enculé - fuck you

fils de pute - son of a bitch

tu m`emmerdes! - Fuck yourself!

une vieille bique,
il est becheur - an old bitch, pompous ass

le con, la conasse,
la chatte - cunt

baiser - to fuck

ce sont des conneries - that´s a load of shit

leche moi et saire me renier
- lick me and make me cum

tete moi le dard, enculé!
- suck my dick,
you fucked faggot!

mes couilles sur ton nez - my balls on your nose

putain, pute - whore

cul - ass

bite - cock

pauvre con - asshole (lit: you poor cunt)

vas pisser dans
les fleurs - fuck off (lit: go piss in the flowers)

c´est rien que
de la merde - its just a bunch of shit

maudite vache - asshole/bitch/etc - (lit: damned cow)

va chier - go shit

tu mangeras le tas - you can eat the pile
(usually an answer to ´va chier´s)

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