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ALL ABOUT ME ~*~<*>~*~

My Life (short) Story <~oOo~> >>>
written: March 11, 2004 0][3]1][1][2]0][0]4]>
My name is Marie Venecia Hall, born in St. Andrew Jamaica at The University Hospital of the West Indies.
~ <*> ~
I´m 31 years, 5ft, 3in, (1mtr. 58cms.), dark brown eyes & black hair, taurian (taurus). Beautiful daughter of Carmen (Lee) Beckford, and a handsome, but sorry excuse of a man Wesley Hall.
~ <*> ~
Favourite Foods: Ackee & Salt Fish (cod fish), Stew Peas & Rice, Curry Goat/mutton, Oxtail, Pizza & Lasagne. Favourite Drinks: Lime/Lemon Ade, Sorrel & Pineapple. If I´m gonna have soda - Pineapple. Favourite Fruits: Mangoes (especially East Indian), Nesberries, Jackfruit, Starapples, Watermelons & Pineapples.
~ <*> ~
Siblings: By Carmen's side - 2 - a handsome bro, Ronald K. McKenzie & pretty sis, Jodianne T. Beckford. By Wesley´s side, about 50. (Hey if u r a Hall, we´re probably related.)
~ <*> ~
Schools: I attended Swallowfield All Age School, Whitehall Avenue. (1 best friend - Odette Lee), & Boyd Anderson High, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. ( 2 best friends, Patricia Cheathem & Liz Torres).
~ <*> ~
I´m a Seventh day adventist christian, baptized in November 1997. Single & proud mom of a handsome little boy, Ajani D. Duffus, who will be 2 yrs. in June, (04). (Story behind this - I´ve been in church waiting for God to send me my perfect husband, (still waiting), when I realised, the clock was ticking & I was fast approaching the age of 30, (the age by which I wanted 2 b married & have a baby), I got impatient & decided 2 take matters into my own hands, & got involved with a man (or so I thought he was,
boy was I fooled.) Listen up ladies, just because he´s 40, doesn´t mean he´s a man. N e way, I knew this jerk for over 6 months, he seemed to be a good dad to his two children, & a good friend to me. He never expressed interest in me being more than just his friend until I started telling him about this fine, handsome, hunk (tall, dark & handsome. PERFECT), at church I started having interest in & wanted to marry. I looked in the mirror one day and that dirty old devil- satan, told me I wasn´t good enough
for ´Mr. PERFECT´, & that I would never fit into his family. So ofcourse, foolishly, I settled for the jerk. We planned to have the baby first, so I´ll have it by the time I get to 30, then get married. BIG, BIG, BIG MISTAKE. Hey christian single females, don´t ever make a foolish decision, because of desperation. AND DON´T EVER, EVER, EVER GET INVOLVED WITH A NON-CHRISTIAN!!! Well, he decided he was no longer the dad of my unborn child, told me to have an abortion, when I told him I wouldn´t, he told me
he got through to go to England, and he would stay for 6 months, try and get a job, so he can maintain his 3 children, (including our (my) baby). He left Jamaica the last two weeks of April 2002, called me May 1, 02, to say he got there safely, still didn´t get a job yet, at the time, & may have to come back home but he´ll call back & let me know what he was gonna do. That was the last time I heard from him. I had my son in June 2002, after my 30th birthday in May 2002. A witch stole my phone,
at the hospital, shortly after my baby was born, killing any chance I had of ever hearing from my
son´s sorry excuse of a dad, if he even tried calling back.) So there you have it, the story of a christian unwed mother. By the way, this jerk´s name is Ainsley Donovan Duffus. If you know him tell him I want my money he borrowed from my business, Venecia´s Variety, that I lent him to help out with his two children, when he was on his face. All of it, all $30,000.00 Ja. D, of it. Ajani doesn´t need him. However, I NEED MY MONEY!!!
~ <*> ~
THE END.... Oh no. To be continued.... ^~**~***~****~^
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