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Arm Extension: This ability is used by Piccolo. It enables him to stretch out his arms to grab someone from a great distance or from behind his back. Also it is great surprise attack, and most Nameks are capable of this attack.
Bakuhatsuha: This is an attack used by both Nappa and Vegeta during the earth battle. It is just a ball of energy that surrounds the person and destroys everything in its way.

Juxtapose Beam: This is an attack used by Captain Ginyu, he he could change bodies. The beam is shot out through his mouth, and must hit the host to be effective. Essentially they change bodies.

The Big Bang attack : This attack is used by Vegeta. It is one of his most powerful attacks, which is essentially a large energy projectile that can elimate whatever gets in its way.

Bukujutsu: The ability to fly by using one´s ki.

Burning attack : Mirai Trunk´s signature move. This is a powerful energy blast from his hands.
Very effective.

Chonoryoku : This ability is used by Chaozu and is a psychic ability. This ability allows Chaozu to gain temporary control over an opponent or inflict some minor pain on them.

Chobakuretsumaha: Truly one of Piccolo´s most powerful attacks, this attack creates one titanic energy blast which packs a huge punch. It is an extrodinarily powerful attack.

Daichiretsuzan: This is the beam that can cut through virtually anything, and it is used by Freeza.

Death Ball :This is the attack Freeza used to destroy Planet Vegeta. It starts out small but grows into a huge mass destruction energy ball. Very deadly.

Destructo Disk: I personally think this is the best attack in the whole DBZ show. This disc can cut anything it comes into contact with, and was developed by Krillin. This is truly one killer attack.

Dynamite kick: The famous Mr. Satan move which is completely worthless.

Enerugil Kyuushuu : This is the signature move of the Cyborgs. This ability allows the Cyborgs to absorb their opponents energy their the palms of their hands.

Eye Beam (lazer eyes) : An average attack which allows one to throw out an energy beam from one´s eyes.

Final Flash : A great and powerful attack of Vegeta´s. This attack is used to finish off an opponent quickly. It was used on Kui and Guldo.

Food Change: Boo or Buu. This is one of his most powerful attacks. This attack enables Buu to change his opponents into other objects, usually food. A twisted way to get a midnight snack ehhh
Finish Buster : This attack is used by Miral Trunks and is exactly like Vegeta´s Final Flash attack

Fusion :The ability to fuse two people into one person. The newly created person will hold the attributes and abilites of both of its makers. This ability lasts for only half an hour, and the two people must be of the exact strenght and age. Also you must perform a dance to accomplish this fusion, and if done incorrectly you will create a weakling for 30 minutes. Also this is not Namek Fusion, because Namek fusion requires no dance, it just works.

Galick Gun : Vegeta uses this attack to blow up planets. The gun amasses a lot of energy and concentrates it onto the gun, which is then released into a huge beam which can destroy entire planets. Aslo related to the Kamehameha, who knows why.

Gekiretsukodan : This spherical energy projectile is used by Piccolo, and is very powerful.

Genki-Dama ( Spirit Bomb) : This is the attack Goku uses against every major opponent, and the attack usually fails to finish off he opponent as well. Goku collects the ki of every living thing and concentrates it into a ball. It is a strong attack.

Hasshuken : Goku uses this move in the Dragon Ball Series, and it allows Goku to grow mutiple arms. He ends up with 8 arms, more punch power.

Jibaku : This attack was used by Chaozu against Nappa, it is the self destruction technique. Cell can also wield this ability.

Jinruizetsumetsukogeki : This ability is used by Boo. It enables him to fire multiple beams, each beam seeking its own individual target. This attack takes some time to chareg up.

Kaiohken : This is attack was taught to Goku by King kai. It enables temporary enhancement of strength, hearing, sight, smell etc. The attack can kill the user because it exhausts the users body.

Kakusandan : Multiple ki attacks. Just a lot of energy blast.

Kamehameha : The energy blast of Goku, it is powerful. You may concentrate a lot of energy into this Blast. It is the same as Masenko, which is used by Piccolo.

Kamikaze Ghost attack : Gotenks uses this powerful attack to create several Gotenks Ghosts, eahc of which think for themselves. They cause damage to anything they touch.

Ki-Ko-Ho : Tiens most powerful attack. You concentrate your energy and blast it out. The excessive charging can kill the user.

Rest your eyes

Light Speed : USed by almost everyone, you move very fast and cannot be sensed very well.

Mekenkosappo : One of Piccolo´s most powerful moves. This energy blast is a straight beam that spirals to its opponent. Cell can also do this move. It takes Piccolo minutes to perform this attack.

Mind Freeza: Guldo uses this attack to freeze enemies.

Renzoku energy Dan : One moves arms quickly to fire multiple energy projectiles. This can really hurt an oppenent if used correctly.

Shin-Ki-Ko-Ho : Tien´s improved Ki-Ko-Ho. Not as deadly and more powerful

Shinshin-No-Ken : Tien uses this attack to make multiple clones of himself, but the clone only has a fraction of its creators power. Cell can also use this ability.

Shiyokan : Tien uses this attack in the Dragon Ball series, it is his ability to grow more arms. He only gets 4 arms.

Shunkanido : Used by both Goku and Cell. You place your index fingers on your forehead and then teleport somewhere. This abilty can only teleport you to a person who contains ki.

Solar Flare : This attack was developed by Tien. It is real useful. You can create a blinding light which can startle and paralyze the enemy´s sight temporarily.

Souki-Dan : This ability enables Yamcha to control the movement of his energy attacks.

Time freeza : Guldo uses this ability. He stops time by holding his breath, once he exhales his breath times begins again.

Triform : This splits a person into 3 person. The 3 are not as strong as the original guy but it is quite effective.

Zanzoken : The ability to move so fast that the person leaves their image at that location. Used by Goku against Chase and Burter.

Masenko : Developed by Piccolo, like Kamehamaha.

Recuum Eraser Gun : This is the move that Recuum was going to use to finish off Vegeta. It is a powerful energy blast.

Recuum Maha Attack : This is Recuum´s ultimate attack, but Goku prohibited him from performing the attack.

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