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stackin skulls

..>dead men tell no lies<.. this is factual and you can check it out...hmmm there's no holocast lyrics to be find on the net i've searched through all Porkhead's sources i only found a c0lab and guess what i came onto his source via the sublinks...judge for yourself
1.Last time Porkhead said i steal my lyrics from a handbook that was out of order on,this time he say i steal lyrics from from a Rapper named Holocast Warcloud once again it's not that site i've searched and you can go to like i said i don't bite you can search that site ya'll look for one of my lines day and night and not get it,now where does my lyrics come from my source is
2:King Cobra is a Wu tang Clan Rapper,he's style is very similar to Porkhead's i've read those lines before just twisted in one of his rhymes,but it's a piece too small you would say after reading it?you'll be correct cause see Porkhead tried to be smart he put different bars from different rapperz together and V0ila you get a rhyme he call gothic,btw c0bra you had me fooled lad but Rza,Halocast.Eminem,King c0bra will never be you our vice versa those are the o's who's rhymes he frequently plunder,cause he see them as worldclass and their lines too,he can't take it that i shoot it all down with a flowing rhyme that beats that,i know i'm good porkhead i'm cutting a demo soon beware me.
3:the link provided on his website goes to my rhyme in Thevdia'z pages now ask yourself,if my rhyme was stolen from holocast warcloud then why didn't you give the direct link to that website instead?answer is you couldn't cause it's a set up again!
4.yeah i'm making points and if you didn't start to realise i'm making sense then it's the time now,when asked what's multiez,punchlines,wordplay a bar a methaphor Porkhead throws bitchfitz not to answer the question,i'm sure by now he would've done his homework,lol we asked him who's Holocast and who's Warcloud(G)he said They are my source, note he said They? It meant to us that he's whistling through his asshole he don't have a clue who Holocast Warcloud is.
5.all this is facts and if ya don't believe me so fuk u then i won't stop rappin and i'll continue make you a p0ez,there's two websites which came to life right after i whipped his ass Kafrican and something about a dead mother...hmmm as soon ya realised you're getting burnt with your lifeless bitten lyrics you had to draw the attention away isn't it P0rkbra two sites only about bad against me? Tackling everything i got :-|you were really hurt and now you going to be more,the point here is he created websites for me to make me the laughing stock at his own expense you didn't think you'll get caught though,you probably wouldn've but you lead me to it framing me
6.Cobra know all the lyrics websites lol,wayback i told him i check on waptrick lyrics then start my rhymes from that inspiration...he went and bit whole bars from his lyric's sitez, is but a example
7.the rhyme on his site might probably exist or might be his own work or some plastered together bars again,but me knowing rhymes can see the broken flow where he melted my words into it twisting it in a cunning way sigh...
8 i've said my piece and i know i'm on the money,your choice if ya want a share Cobra'z link will be in the next page...thank you for reading

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