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mawork - Animated

..>and then there was the day at the court<..

...hehehehe by now we all know who run daZ shyte 4 shizzle anyways...porkhead like's to ask silly questions when he burns,and watch him jump when you burning him with the truth...hehehe so we put something together for ya...enjoyz
[in this scene Porky is a lawyer questioning Easy]
porky:so Easy tell the court do you have any children or anything of that kind?
Easy:no sir no i don't
Porky:hmmm...were you present in court this morning when you were sworn in?
Easy:that's obvious sir of course i was
Porky:of course (coughs) so you were gone until you returned?
Eazy:it's called logic sir you don't know what it was and you didn't know what it looked like,but can you describe it please...
Eazy:uhm what???
Porky:nvm the question...tell me rather was it you or your mother that died?
Easy:(starting to lose temper)that's obvious too sir
Porky:your youngest brother,the fourteen year old how old is he?
Eazy:(looks at the judge)your honour i object what stupid questions is this imb...portant lawyer asking me
Judge:objection sustained mister porkhead approach the bank please...
(judge whisper to Porky urgently then direct his attention to the mass again)
judge:you may continue now...
Porky:okay Easy were you alone or all by yourself?
Easy:Your honour?
Judge:Answer the question Easy
Easy:yes i was alone all by myself..
Porky:how long have you been a kafrican southafrican?
Judge:what's that a new race or something?
Porky:apparently yes your honour according to my own inventions
Judge...Easy is that the same nose you broke as a child?
Easy:of course it's my own nose (starts to heat up again)
Porky:of course it was...(address court in general)isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep,in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn't know anything about it till the next morning?
(audience burst into laughter)
Porky:so easy the night you'll killed the Frog what happened
Easy:he told me,he says,i have to jill you because you can identify me...
Porky:and did he kill you?
Easy:(bust out laughing,control it and says)obviously not...
Porky:i show you exhibit three and ask if you recognize the person in that picture?
Easy:yeah that's me
Porky:were u present when that picture was taken?
Easy:oh man...
Porky:now Easy how your first marriage with sexqueen terminated?
Easy:by death
Porky:and by who's death was it terminated..?
Easy:Give me a break...
Porky:hmmm can you answer the question?
Easy:can i ask you a question?
Porky:yes go ahead
Easy:Porky do you believe you'r emotionally unstable?
Porky:i used to be...
Easy:how many times have you committed suicide...
Porky:Three or four times...(face the judge)i got no more questions your honour
judge:thank God for that court is adjourned Easy you can go home

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