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Quicksilver Vs Wrekless

Stupid H´oar, I´ll CASTRATE-THIS-VET An Erase His PITTERFULL-DIALECT, Cause Tha Only Time Your *Co´ming First* Is In A-WAN´KING-CONTEST/ IM-MERKIN-YA-BEST, But Like *Constipation* Your Findin It HARD-TO-DIGEST//
WREK? He´s No STRANGER-TO-DEFEAT, Cause Even As A Butcher, You Couldnt Co´me RAW-WITH-BEEF!/ I´LL-MERK-THIS-GEEK!/ He Lays SIMPLE-WITH-WITS, Even If Ya Put *Firelighters* In Ya School bag, You Still Couldnt PACK-A-HOT-DISS// Your Gettin DISMISSED-BI´TCH!, LOWER-YA-TONE! Wrekless Sick With Scripts? Yeah Only When He VOMITS-ON-HIS-PHONE!//
Kid, Your A Natural Disaster, So qUiCk's BRINGIN-THE-HEAT, Tearin Ya Heart Through Your Palm's Just So You Can FEEL-THE-BEAT// I´ll PUMP-A-CARTRIDGE In Ya HEART-AND-CARTLIDGE!/ ITS-BLATENT-DUDE! Ya LEAVIN-THIS-FEUD SMASHED-N-BRUISED!/ Ur Like-broken-bombs Tha Way-Ur-Verse KEEPS-GETTIN-DEFUSED / Is This Kid Dyslexic? OR-JUST-CONFUSED!// I-Verbally-abuse!...Im MOLE´STIN-THIS-KID! Destroyin His WHAK-VERSE-AN-SH.´IT/ Bi´tch I´m Literally DIGESTING-YA-SCRIPT!// Son Its Game Over, Heres Ya Last WILL-AND-TESTIMENT, Take It In Amazement As I Shatter Ya Face Into Twenty SEPERATE-SEGMENTS///

Quick u way 2 over rated, il stab u in TEMPLES, with daggers and JAGGED UTENCILS/ u jus a boy, step up wen ya face ain laced and SCA'T'TERD WIT PI'MPLES/ this f'ag is simple he b *drawin flies* like MAGGOTZ WIT PENCILZ....If Quick tha favourite, im fed up i wont PUNCH YET/ spit a *dyslexic* *set up* leav this kidUP SET(get it)... im on sum sik s'hit, il hammer 2nails thru ya wrist leav u mounted on a CRUCIFIX/ Wrek spit so *tight*u flow so loose and s'hit/ slow ho, cudnt even *hang* if u had a NOOSE AND S'HIT//
stupid d'i'ck wherez ya talent , TO SHOWCASE/ after im dun wit ya, you'l *never b the same* like TWO SNOWFLAKEZ... YUP! wen i WRITE THIS RHYME, therez NO FIGHT THIS TIME/ after tha battle tha only2 standin are wrek and a dectective sayin, cud sumbody WHITE CHALK THIS LINE(Quicks chalk line)..Quick thinkin he the GODS SON, get bucked wen tha METAL TOSS ONE/ go ahead and FLOSS SON, and get that a's's *stuck Quick* like SOFT GUM!/

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