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Quicksilver vs RenegadE

Verse #1 by Quicksilver

I´ll this kid till he´s SQUEELIN-THRU-RIPS DISSED-AN-BLITZED like HIS-FRAUDULENT-SCRIPTS lyrically WEAK-WITH-SPITS like tha BULL.SH.IT-YOU-SPEAK/ *f.u´.c.k-ya-flows* Im rejectin them like an INCOMPUTANCE-SHEET kid your CERTAIN-FOR-DEFEAT/ hittin´s hard like A-CLENCHED-FIST only time RenegadE´s DROPPIN-SICK is when he visits MJelly with A-SHOPPING-LIST// (pmpl get it?) BOOTLEGGIN-HIS-S.H.I.T this fools a *flop* like AN-IMPUTANT-D.I.C.K/ FLIPPED-AND-RIPPED erased THRU-UR-COMPETITION i got you ´tapped´ out-like-a WRESTLING-SUBMISSION i´ll pull your spine outta your back KICKIN-YOUR-COMPOSURE cause-a-win-against-me? It´s hard to find like a FOUR-LEAF-CLOVER/ i´ll
DISPOSE-OF-YA and YOUR-PATHETIC-RAPS, kid your mouths like a *nappy* with all THA-S.H.I.T-IT-PACKS/ ITS-BLATENT-FACTS straight to tha *point* LIKE-A-RAZOR-BLADE/ why you call YOURSELF-RENEGADE? African b.i.t.c.h!, it´s more like ´RENT-A-SLAVE´/ LYRICALLY-SLAYED and MOWED-THRU-WORDS DISTURBED-BY-MY DESTRUCTIVE-VOCAB tha way im SMOKING-THIS-HERB/
REHEARSED-TEXT aint gonna BEAT-THIS-DON/ you w.a.n.k over Immortal-Technique, but why´s your shack filled with POSTERS-OF-ELTON-JOHN?

VERSE #2 by RenegadE

Firstly im not an ´african´, son u got ur FACTS "WRONG"/ so stop actin lika P.U.S.S.Y like the one in ur THONG/ betta be ready cuz WACK EMCEES don´t survive my "LYRICAL RAID"/ so I hope b4 u choke u spoke to ur "MEDICAL AID"/ I violate cipherz and rip into shredz wen i enter/ ya look NERVOUS dawg like tha "NEW TV PRESENTER"/ so dont try2 STAND TALL, u´ll stumble and fall like "SADDAM HUSSEIN´s STATUES"/ u get ERASED ´off-the-surface´ like "CHEAP BUBBLEGUM TATTOOS"/
This verse will shatter ur self-esteem, as i brutaly batter ur ´rhyme scheme´/ u r WACK like ´BASKETBALL PLAYERS´ who always ´MISS THE RIM´/ ´defeatin me?´ No fool! These ´two words´ DONT MAKE SENSE/ how u know IMPUTANT D.I.C.K is a FLOP? Talkin 4rm EXPERIENCE?/
It aint a b.i.t.c.h, its SUICIDAL with which u flirted by those STUPID WORDS u blirted/ we all heard it how u started off lika kid whos "MENTALY RETARDED"/ ur ´quick freestyle´ was WORTHLESS, i´ll always be VICTORIOUS son/ ´RENT-A-SLAVE´ was a LAME JOKE, i bet u BIT dat 4rm Cheese1/
Dissin my name but why ur name is QUICKSILVER? Just askin i aint loathing/ but its POINTLESS since ur brain is EMPTY like "NO NAME CLOTHING"/ u neva saw me, how do u know i got posters of ELTON-JOHN?/ but i still remember once u inboxed me n said ur ROLE MODEL is MICHAEL JACKSON/

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