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!..~"~..! MeHuLSMS !..~"~..!

sms big collection for u

"In d fight between waves & rock on seashore,
waves always win.
Not through strength..
Through persistence..
Don't ever give up!!Keep trying your best!!" take care..
Talents in you should be like spider's web. It may not be strong enough to hold this whole world, but it should hold yourself to rule your kingdom!
Twinkle twnkl lazy star, kitna soyega uthja yaar, up above the world so high, sun has risen in the sky uthke juldi pile chai then u call, nd tell me hi,
F'ndship and Love are medicine for any kind of pain.But be sure,that there is no medicine in the world for the pain given by Love and F'ship...
. 12 .
9 ö__ 3
'. /l .' gøød
' 6 ' evening! mÄy GøD grÄnt yøÜ ÉnøÜgh strÉngth Änd wìsdøm tø fÄcÉ thÉ chÄllÉngÉs øf thÉ nyt.Miz u dear :-)


" Everything is fair in love and war "

Do war... !
But...Never love...

In war,
Either you live or u die...
In love,
Neither u live Nor u die..
Fact of life: the 1st person u remember when u r happy is the one whom U LOVE. but the 1st person u remember when u r sad and unhappy is the 1 Who LOVES U..
On the path of success always lies big O's, many read them as Obstacles, only few read them as Opportunities. Always be one among the few, dont be common...
I m not a Shakespear 2 write about u.

I m not Shelly 2 sing about u.

I m not MF Hussain 2 paint u.

I m just u'r frnd to say"I M WITH U.''
Wat is the relatnshp betwn coffee shop & wine shop? Most of the luv stories start at coffee shop & end at wine shop.:-)

"Happiness is like a "PERFUME"

U can't spread it on others without getting few drops on urself...

So, be happy to make others happy "
F: First for me.. R: Ready anytime 4 me..
I: Inspires me.. E: Enjoys life with me..
N: Never forgets me..
D: Dear.... its you
Truth of life- "We make them cry who care for us, we cry for them who never care for us and we care for them who will never cry for us...
Pearl of Day:Not everything that is faced can be changed,but nothing can be changed until it is faced. So,carry on ur attempts to make ur Destiny!
" the eye cant see the dust in itself, but it requires other eye to remove that. Likewise u cant see ur mistakes, u require some one to realise that"
" concentration without awakenes wil nt help u, awakenes developes ur emotional capability to measure the depth of any subject"

"Do not spoil what u have, by desiring what u dont have, b'coz what u have now, is one of d many things, u once desired for"
They luv u
but they r not ur lover,
They care 4u
but they r not from ur family,
They r ready 2share ur pain
but they r not in ur blood relation.They r FRIEND.
Although water falls from a hill, it never thinks it has fallen, it rises to run as unstopable River. Life is not Falling but RISING at EVERY FALL.
I sent my cares 2 the wind...And i ask them 2 pass it 2 u...when u feel the wind blowing against ur face....that's say hi hw r u and have a nice eve.
I made a list of spl FRIENDS in my life wit pencil but when I came to ur name I use permanent ink coz I decid 2 kep u FOREVER as my friend.
Brandy+Water= Injurious to Kidney, Rum+Water= Injurious to Liver, Whisky+Water= Injurious to Heart, Gin+Water= Injurious to Brain. So please Avoid Water!!!

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it - The Buddha.
Friendship r like
some romantic,
some comedy,
some action,
some tragedy,
some hit,
some flop,
but a few r oscar winner like "U".
"Problems r like little stones.,
If u keep them near 2 ur eye They hide ur vision..
If u keep them at a distance u can see how small they are..."
Every tear is a sign of brokeness.
Every silence is a sign of loneliness.
Every smile is sign of kindness and every sms is symbol of remembe
Longest is Mother's LOVE

shortest is Other's LOVE

sweetest is Lover's LOVE But

strongest is Friend's LOVE

A Cool Good morning 2 my Sweet Loving Sugarcoated ChocoMello MilkyShaky Honeydipped CheezMelting OrangeJuicy Mozerela Peproni IcySpicy friend....!!!!

Look at the star and u see time. Look in the heart u see love. Look in the eyes u see life. Look at ur mobile u will see who is missing u...
I love u
I hate u
I kiss u
I miss u
I kill u
I hide u
I need u
I care u
I kick u
I like u
what will you choose for me ?
Reply soon plz..
WheN all seas bcomEs drY, whEn all birDs leaVe the sky, wHen all lovErs trY to Cry, When all friEnds saY good byE, I 'LL BE THERE TO SAY "Hi"
A thousand things in between us..
Low Battery,
Busy Network,
No Coverage,
No Time,
Heavy Work..
But still,
when my Mobile Beeps,I always hope its u.
WAVES are INSPIRING. Not because they RISE and FALL, but because each time they FALL, they never fail to RISE AGAIN. Have a RISING day

World's most beautiful sentence.

=>...BUT, I LUV U.

World's most selfish / painful sentence

=> I LUV U, But...

A true thought:
When you rise up, your friends know who you are!!
When you fall down, you know who your friends are!!!
Heart is like a bottle of perfume..If u nvr open it nobody knows the fragrance inside it..If u keep it always open soon u will loose ur fragrance.
So act wisely
A good way to change somebody's attitude is to change your own... Because, the same Sun that melts butter also hardens clay...
Walk with me when ur heart needs company. Talk tome whenu feel alone.Trust me when ur heart beats more.Think ofme wheneveru need a truefrnd
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life. Dont say to god why me? instead say
"Try me".
->Sum1 askd,
wat makes
me Happy?
he expected me to say
Wealth & Fame. But suddenly
cell beeped &
Ur sms came.
I smiled & said
"this makes
Me happy".
Some of the 'best' moments in life.. Lying in the bed listening to the rain outside, thinkng abt the person u love,Taking a long drive on a calm rd , A sweet & emotional conversation, Finding money in your old dress jst when u need it. Giggling naughtily.. Holding hands with ur friend for a walk, Getting a hug from someone you care d most, the moments ur eyes r filed with tears after a big laugh..Dis is a part of life! Never miss it.
In exam 2 sardar brothrs appeared.
1st writes: Father's name- Daljitsingh
2nd : Manjitsingh
Techr: Wats this?
Srdr: Sir, varna aap kehte Copy ki hai' ha ha ha.
What is the secret of my energy?





Then what?

A Sweet sms from YOU :-)
mising u...
1 day i thinking about u,1 tear came out in my eyes,i ask why? Tear said now your friend is in your eyes so there is no place for me.

Destiny is not a matter of chance,it is a matter of choice;It is not a thing to be waited for,It is a thing to be achieved.William Jenings Brayan.
Ever since i met you i lrnt lot of things frm you.I did not understnd how & why.Then 2day i heard the proverb "WISE MEN LEARN MORE FRM fools!

Wow...Here is d answer.
walk- life long love
bike- good love
cycle- true love
bus-love wid sorrow
car-time pass.
auto-sharing love.
Hi ., In which of these u like to travel with your lover.
By walk?
by bike?
Answer will be sent after u reply your choice.
I hv opnd an account 4u at UBG(Universal Bank of God's blesing)& deposited 365 days ful of Love,Faith & Joy !
Enjoy Withdrawing!!
Follow two things For a Better Life..1.Dont talk when you are angry. 2.Dont take the words seriously from the one who is angry.Be a cool person..

Girl-am i pretty? Boy-no
girl-do u want 2 live with me?
Girl-wil u cry if i leave u?
The girl started 2 cry.
The boy pulled her close 2 him & said u r not pretty but prettiest,
i dont want 2 live with u but live 4 u,if u ...

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