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twinheart - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

* Love means..*.

Love is any of a number of em0ti0ns & experiences related to a sense of str0ng affecti0n or prof0und oneness depending on c0ntext,love can have a wide variety of intended meanings.
Romantic love is seen as a deep neffable feeling of intense and tender attracti0n shared in passi0nate or intimate attracti0n and intimate interpers0nal and sexual relati0nships.
Love can also be c0ncieved of as plat0nic love,religious love,familial love and m0re casually great affecti0n f0r anything c0nsidered str0ngly pleasurable,desirable or preferred,including f0ods and activities.
This greek w0rds f0r LOVE reflecting the c0ncept's depth,versatility and c0mplexity.S0me tackle the difficulty of finding a universal definiti0n f0r love by clasifying it into types.
Such as passi0nate love,r0mantic love and c0mitted l0ve,however s0me of this types of love can be generalized into the category of sexual attracti0n.In ordinary use,
Love usually refers to interpers0nal love,an experience felt by a pers0n to an0ther pers0n.Love inv0lves caring f0r or identifying with a pers0n or thing including oneself.
Dicti0nary tend to define love as deep affecti0n or f0ndness.Ac0rding to polled opini0n,the m0st fav0ured definiti0ns of love inv0lves altruism,selfleshness,friendship,uni0n,family and b0nding or c0nnecting with other.
The different aspects of love can be roughly illustrated by c0mparing thier corollaries and opp0sites.As a general expressi0n of p0sitive sentiment love is c0mm0nly c0ntrasted with hate as a less sexual and m0re mutual and pure f0rm of r0mantic.
Attachment love is c0mm0nly c0ntrasted with lust and as an interpers0nal relati0nship with r0mantic overt0nes,l0ve is c0mm0nly c0ntrasted with friendship,although other cann0tati0ns of love may be applied to cl0se friendship as well.
Other attempts to define love by applying the definiti0n to evryday life.Cultural differences make definiti0n of love dificult to establish.Expressi0ns of love may include the love f0r a s0ul or mind,the love of laws and organizati0ns,l0ve f0r a body,love f0r a nature,love f0r a m0ney,f0od,learning,power,family,respect to other,etc.
Loue is abstract c0ncept,easier to experience than to explain because of c0mplex and abstract nature of love.Disc0urse on l0ve is c0mm0nly reduced to a thought-terminating cliche and there r a n0.of c0mm0n pr0verbs regarding love fr0m VIRGIL's "LOVE C0NQUERS ALL".
Throughout hist0ry,phil0sophy and religi0n have d0ne the m0st speculati0n on the phen0men0n of l0ve.In last century,the science of psychology has written a great deal on the subject.The science of ev0luti0nary psychology hav added understanding of the nature functi0n of love.
Biological m0dels of sex tend to view l0ve as a mammalian drive,much like hunger or thirst,HELEN FISHER,A Leanding expert t0pic of love,dvided the experience of love into 3 partly overlapping stages.Lust,attracti0n and attachment.Lust exp0ses pe0ple to others.
R0mantic attracti0n enc0urages pe0ple to f0cus thier energy on mating on attachment inv0lves t0lerating the sp0use long en0ugh to rear a child into infantacy.Lust is the initial passi0nate sexual desire that pr0m0tes mating.Neuroscience indicate that
As pe0ple fall in l0ve the brain releases a certain chemical which acts to stimulate the brains pleasure center leading increased heart rate.
Attachment is the b0nding which pr0m0tes relati0nship that last f0r many years,generaly based on c0mmitments such as marriage and children.Psychology of love depicts love as c0gnitive and s0cial l0ve.It has 3 diferent c0mp0nents.Intimacy,c0mitment and passi0n.
Intimacy is a f0rm by which to pe0ple can share vari0us secrets and details of thier pers0nal lives.Usually sh0wn in friendship and r0mantic love affairs.C0mmitment is the expectati0n
That the relati0nship is g0ing to last f0rever.The first and c0mm0n f0rm of l0ve is sexual attracti0n and passi0n.Passi0nate love sh0wn infatuati0n as well as r0mantic love.Pe0ple c0nsidered as love at first sight or instant friendship.
Analytic book explains also love as way of defining and describing love.All relati0nships-love,infatuati0n,friendship,dating,marriage,family and c0mmunity.It inv0lves 3 key elements.
EM0TI0NAL=how we feel about each other.
ETHICS=how g0od or bad we are f0r each other.
JOY=how much we satisfy or dissatisfy each other.
These determine the quality of our relati0nship,n0 matter h0w str0ng and pr0vides frame w0rk f0r m0re satisfyng reflecti0ns.

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