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Acts 5:14~(Amplified) More and more there were being added 2 the Lord those who believed[ those who acknowledged Jesus as their Savior and devoted themselves 2 Him joined and gathered with them ],crowds both of men and of women,So that they (even)kept carring out the sick in2 the streets and placing them on couches and sleeping pads.(in the hope)that as Peter passed by,at least his shadow might fall on some of them.And the ppl gathered also from the town an hamletr aroune Jerusalem,bringing the sick and those troubled with foul spirits,and they were cured.~Wherever the Lordship of Jesus Christ is acknowleged and proclaimed,an atmosphere of maximum authority is created-where this is created,miracles will happen!Matt.6:10. "Let Your Kingdom come!
Just as they were added 2 the Lord,so are we and it becomes our passion 2 learn how 2 worship our Lord and 2 bow down before His Lordship.Worship is a matter of the heart;a matter between you and Him where no 1 can judge another.No 1 knows hou obedient you are in heartfelt worship.According 2 Romans 14:4. Every servant is judge according 2 his own master.Only you can test the quality of your own obedience:
Are you obedient 2 your own ideas or 2 the Lord's ideas of HIS WORD?If the LORD'S idea is adhered 2,there will be result...His Presence will be visible in your life and His presence is power!
Neither the"Goose bump-experience",the "Wow-feeling"nor the "Oh,Jesus-salutions"can substitute results, shall call Him"Jesus" and HE shall save! You shall call Him "Christ" and He shall bring power.However, you shall call Him LORD and He can do anything! Will anything be too difficult 4 the LORD?When you call Him"Jesus" ,do you realise that you are worshipping Him as the One with maximum authority?
When you worship Jesus as LORD,your total focus is on Him.If you walk in(meaning habitually and continually live) in the Lordship of Jesus,it is easy 2 understand,hear and see things.It is also easy 2 then see results!How do u know who u are worshiping?You worship the 1 you say yes 2.
Jesus is the Source of all we need en want!He is the 1,who knows the way and who is the way.Acts 3:19(Amplified)So REPENT(Change your mind and purpose)turn around and return(2 God),that your sins may be erased(blotted out,wiped clean),that times of refreshing(of recovering from the effects of heat,of reviving with fresh air)may come from the presence of the Lord.
When you repent and make Him Lord,times of refreshing come from His Presence.It is the Presence of the LORD that is power!Repent and turn 2 the LORD and make other things your servant.You may know Him as Jesus and as Christ,but did you turn 2 Him as the LORD?What a revelation!

Perhaps the focus of the ppl has been in the wrong place.Jesus wants us 2 believe Him,2 believe that He is Lord and 2 then serve Him as LORD and MASTER.We try 2 believe 4 miracles,but we should believe in the LORD Jesus Christ.Bring your situation under the Lordship of Jesus,4 then it will be easy 2 get the miracle.
Believe that He is Lord and all things are possible 4 hin who believes.RONANS 10:9.says that if we confess with our mouth that JESUS IS LORD,we shall be saved( meaning healed,restored, renewed,made well and made whole .) The implication is exactly that.It is in His Lordship that all the power lies.
We should have the heart of a servant by acknowledging Jesus completely as the LORD of our lives 2 obtain.His presence and therefore His power from which will flow the healing,deliverance and restoration we so desperately need.Allow God 2 be in control of your life and every situation.Nothing shall be impossible if you make Jesus the LORD of every situation.

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