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How Secure is your Future?

DO YOU TRUST GOD?Everybody wants security.Many companies institutions do provide a limited measure of security.Yet so long as we live in a broken wold filled with broken people,nothing can guarantee us security.Foolish men helped sink thd Titanic,Angry men brought down the Twin Towers.AN evil man and evil wonan killed John the Baptist.But that is not the end.The Bible indicates that human evil affects the planet itself,that broken people have caused the broken wold.4 example,Genesis tells us that when Adam sinned,God cursed the ground(Gen.3:17)At creation,God gave Adam dominion-rulership-over the earth,over the planet suffered,later when men filled the planet with violence(Gen.6:11)
God brought a great flood,and the Bible tells us that disaster permanently altered the planet as well.Exactly what that entailed,we do not know 4 certain.We do know that the 1st time,torrential rains fell upon the earth.Possibly when the springs of the great deep burst,the plates which form the earth's crust shattered and began 2 jostle and grind.The rains bring erosion and floods,as well as lifegiving moisture.The moving planets bring volcanoes,earthquakes,and tsunamis.Ever since the flood,this broken wold has itself become a dangerous place 4 the human race that broke it.Throughout the ages of recorded history,drought,flood,volcanic eruptions,earthquakes,hurricanes,tornadoes and tsunamis have exacted planetary revenge,killing untold millions,giving the lie 2 humanrty's illusions of security in this wold.
And this reveals,as does all of nature,the grace of God."Wait a minute,"you say,"how can such terrible events reveal the grace of God?" His power,maybe.Perhaps His sovereignty.But grace? YES , GRACE.-GOD'S GRACE-Ancient man,confronted with the destructive power of nature,knew that his only real security lay in God.Oh,he may have worshipped false gods,may have worshipped many gods,but atheism never
Tempted him.Life was short and beset with hardship and danger,even 4 the most well off.The mummies of ancient Egypt reveal that even the wealthy and powerful of that society often suffered debilitating injury and disease,and few lived long.Even mighty Pharaoh recognised life would be short,and he spent much of his reign preparing 4 his death.Funeral ceremonies attempted 2 satisfy the gods that the deceased had lived a righteous life.Ancient man knew better than 2 seek security in this life.
By contrast,today's advanced technology tempts us 2 think that we can achieve a measure of security in this life-that everyone will live lög and prosper-without God.Our prosperity,coupled with sophisticated financial instruments like stocks,bonds,and mutual funds,allow us 2 accumulate money 4 retirement,so we think we don't need God 2 provide 4 our future.Medicine can detect diseases early and can treat or cure conditions once considered fatal.
Scientific instruments monitor the movements of the earth's crust.Satellites track the weather.Our advanced communications systems bring all of this toghether 2 warn us of impending danger.And our means of transportation can move us 2 places of safety,rescue us from dangerous situations and rapidly take us 2 medical facilities 4 treatment-even in cases of trauma.

And so increaringly in this advanced wold,people live without rèference 2 God.It follows that if we don't need God's assistance 2 live the good life,then we don't need His advise about how 2 live well.We feel free 2 ignore all the codes of conduct and restrictions on behaviour that God gave us.We can get along without them we think.And then,death strikes even the affluent.mabe in the bloom of youth,a car crash,a vascular disorder,planer/ships go down,heart attack ,tsunami - the wealthy & poor.This events bring us face 2 face with the reality that despite all our advanced technology and institutions,security in this wold remains an illusion 4 all.Those who trust in God may die just as those who do not-suddenly,at an early age,without warning,but there is a difference.
IN THIS WOLD,WE HAVE NO SECURITY.THE FORCES OF EVIL AND OF NATURE WILL CONTINUE 2 STRIKE UNPREDICTABLY AND WITH FATAL RESULTS.OUR ONLY SECURITY IS IN GOD,4 THIS WOLD ~ AND THE NEXT.(Believe me God's grace 4 us is so much,He give grace on grace,it's time 2 believe in God's great,big hand,if u don't know God,do u'r best 2 know more.ask God 2 come in your life,that He lead u.) {Sometimes God speak 2 us,but we are so buzy with our life we think 2 life,or mabe u think u don't need God,then mabe you must ask yoursele why things go wrong,I ask u 2day,PLZ let God in 2 your life,He be in cantrol.]

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