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We Surrender All

Luke 9:23

Luke 9:23-If anyone would come after me,he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. IN WORD: When you were 1st saved,or as you grew in your walk with Christ,you probably told God that you surrendered all of your desires,plans,skills,talents,relationships and resources to Him.(If not,stop reading and consider doing that now).That pledge is a serious one,and most of us have made it with all sincerity and even enthusiasm.We've begun to see ourselves as His possion,available 4 His purposes.We gave Him the keys 2 our lives____keys that we wrongly held as our own,and,according 2 His plan,He probably began 2 test our devotion.That's the catch.The thought of letting Jesus have our all was liberating and relaxing when we 1st had it.But when He began 2 take our word 4 it,we balked.Did He remove a loved 1 from you?Let your peaceful circumstances erupt in chaos?Threaten your financial security?Limit the use of your time or talents?It hurt,It had 2.He has 2 make our devotion more than theoretical.He will not let us live under an illusion that we have surremdered all 2 Jesus when we haven't.In our hearts,we have 2 let everything go but Him.It's often a shock that God would actually take us up on sone of our offered sacrifices.When we tell Him we'll go anywhere and do anything 4 the glory of His name,we have 2 mean it!He already knows whetever we're authentic in our devotion,but do we?No,we have 2 notice our own reactions 2 be sure.When we develop hard feelings toward Him because He has not given us what we wanted,He has opened our eyes:We wanted some things more than we wanted Him. . Do you see yourself? be honest 2 yourself please.. . . . . . . . . . IN DEED: . . .Did ynu mean it when you told God,"I give my life 2 you"?Then His removal of your props should be no surprise.We cannot"give"Him our lives and then complain when He takes them- or painfully touches them,or seemingly deprives them.Our lives are His.What business is it of ours if we are uncomfortable under His managenent?He has higher purposes than we do,and we trust Him.We've sursendered all.. . . . .No sin is smal.. . . .Love unites the soul with God,and the more love the soul has,the more powerfully it enters into God and is centered on Him.. . .Every revelatiom of God is a demand,and the way to knowledge of God is bx obedience.

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