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Multimedia gallery

Crazy Definitions

1:-) MEMORY - Something which reminds us that we have forgotten something which we can´t remember!
2:-( COST OF LIVING = Income + 30%
3;-) FRENCH SALAD - What the waitresses serve without dressing!
4:-D GENIUS - A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken when dead!
5:-l BOSS - A fellow who will raise the roof before he he will raise your salary!
6:-) HOLIDAY - A day when a man stops doing what his boss wants and starts doing what his wife wants!
7:-( MODERN ARTIST - One who who throws paint on canvas, wipes it with a cloth and sells the cloth!
8;-) VIAGRA - What you use when when your peter backs out before your back peters out!
9:-D BABY - Nine months interest on a small deposit!
10:-l REALITY - An illusion produced by alcohol defficiency!
11:-) BLUNDERBUSS - A vehicle that takes single girls to the maternity home!
12:-( INCEST - A game that the whole family can play!
13;-) SUBTRACTION - That awful feeling that I know less today than I knew yesterday!
14:-D MASTURBATION - Self service elevator!
15:-l CONTRACEPTIVE - An article that should be worn on every conceivable occasion!
16:-) OLD AGE - That time of life when the sight of a beautiful girl only arouses a man´s memories!
17:-( DIAMOND - A stepping stone to marriage!
18;-) PREGNANT SPARROW - One who opens her legs for a lark!
19:-D PROSTITUTE - A busy body!
20:-l VIRGIN - A wise crack!
21:-) BOSS´S SON - The young man who is willing to start at the bottom.....for a few days!
22:-( VIAGRA - Very Invigorating Aphrodisiac Generating Robust Appetite!
23;-) BACHELOR - A guy who can open his wallet before turning his back!
24:-D BUDGET - A mathematical confirmation of your worst suspicions!
25:-l LOVE - A temporary insanity curable by marriage!
26:-) BRAS - Devices for making mountains out of molehills!
27:-( MUSIC LOVER - A man who hears a lady singing in a bathroom and puts his ear to the keyhole!
28;-) ADOLESCENCE - A time between infancy and adultery!
29:-D BANGALORE - Boys Asking for Naked Girls at Low Rates Everyday!
30:-l MARRIAGE - Long banquet with dessert served first!
31:-) SKATING - something you learn with many sittings!
32:-( SOCIAL TACT - Making people feel at home when you wish they were!
33;-) STAGNATION - A country of fun-loving males!
34:-D SUICIDE - Sincerest form of self-criticism!
35:-l WILL - A dead giveaway!
36:-) BIGAMIST - Larger than usual fog
37:-( CABARET - Wide range of available taxis
38;-) FIASCO - Bad wall painting
39:-D MYTH - Female moth
40:-l ARTEFACT - Pretentious statistic

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