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Multimedia gallery

Crazy Definitions II

1:-) Appetizers = Little things you eat till you lose your appetite!
2:-( Bachelor = A man who never makes the same mistake once!
3;-) Bachelor = A man wno never has a bride idea!
4:-D Bigamist = A man who has loved not wisely but two well!
5:-l Baraggart = A man who enters all conversatio feat first!
6:-) Bulldozer = A chap who sleeps through political speeches!
7:-( Childhood = That happy period when nightmares occur only while sleeping!
8;-) Childhood = That wonderful time when all you have do to lose weight is bathe!
9:-D College = A fountain of knowledge where all go to drink!
10:-l Committee = A group that keeps minutes and wastes hours!
11:-) Counterfeit money = Home-made bread!
12:-( Death = Nature´s way of telling us to slow down!
13;-) Diplomacy = Saying´nice doggy´ when you are looking around for a stone!
14:-D Divorce Court = A hall of blame!
15:-l Egotism = The art of seeing qualities in yourself which others can´t see!
16:-) Flattery = The art of telling a person exactly what he thinks of himself!
17:-( Girdle = An ingenious device invented to keep an unfortunate situation from spreading!
18;-) Gourmet = A man who is invited for an evening of wine, women and song and asks what kind of wine!
19:-D Hypochondriac = One who can´t leave being well enough alone!
20:-l Impotence = Emission impossible1
21:-) Intoxication = A physical state in which one feels sophisticated without being able to pronounce it!
22:-( Laziness = The habit of resting before you get tired!
23;-) Mermaid = Bottomless girl in topless suit!
24:-D Nudist Colony = A place where men and women air their differences!
25:-l Old Age = A time of life when men pay more attention to the food then they do to the waitresses!
26:-) Parking Space = An area that disappears as you are reversing!
27:-( Pessimist = A man who thiks that all women are bad!
28;-) Optimist = A man who hopes they are!
29:-D Pejudice = Wheighing the facts with your thumb on the scale!
30:-l Proverb = A short sentence based on long experience!
31:-) Psychiatrist = Someone who doesn´t have yo worry as long as other people do!
32:-( Psychologist = A man who watches everybody else when a beautiful girl enters the room!
33;-) Racehorse = An animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time!
34:-D Race Track = A place where windows clean people!
35:-lShort Affair = Leer today, yawn tomorrow!
36:-) Waiter = A person who thinks that money grows on trays!
37:-( Telepathy = When you can´t be bothered to change TV channels!
38;-) Zebra = The largest size of bra!
39:-D Shin = A device for finding furniture in the dark!
40:-l Conclusion = A place where you got tired of thinking!

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