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53 reasons y benig a gal rocks apparently

1. No one cares if we're gay.

2. We look great with long or short hair.

3. pretty painted nails

4. sitting down while peeing is much more relaxing.

5. on the same note, we don't have to worry about missing, sitting down is a sure shot.

6. we play sports just as good as guys and look great while doing it.

7. in general, we dance better.

8. Chip and Dales

9. we can see a 1/2 naked guy and just appriciate it without daydreaming about having sex with him.

10. dildos are way more satisfying then penises....they vibrate, how can you compete with that?

11. just having boobs gives you a great advantage in life.

12. Girls are always invited

13. Fashion Network

14. not being expected to pay for the date.

15. Make-up fixes everything

16. Midol is a cure-all!!

17. our clothes are WAY cuter

18. we can't get kicked in the balls

19. our nails are long enough to scratch with

20. we don't go bald when we get old

21. if you try hard enough, you can get a guy to do whatever you want.

22. We have more common sense

23. free keg cups!!

24. getting proposed to

25. Daddy always spoils us

26. no pressure to get laid, we can get it whenever we want.

27. we don't have to prove our "manhood"

28. we don't get made fun of for having stuffed animals on our bed

29. we're always allowed to express our emotions

30. Men's Beach Vollyball...HOTT!!

31. no one thinks we're gay if we wear pink and purple and rainbows everyday

32. lip gloss= pretty shiney lips

33. smooth legs and armpits

34. chick flicks are the best movies ever...and we don't get made fun of for liking them.

35. we can multi-task.

36. we can controll when we think about sex

37. we can bring life into the world

38. we can bleed for a week and not die

39. cheerleading IS a sport

40. we smell good..always

41. short women are still attractive

42. being menstral is ALWAYS a good excuse

43. simple things like flowers and chocolate make us happy...and guys still haven't seemed to figure that out

44. we don't have to shave our face, so if we get a little nick or cut, just wear pants that day... you can't cover your face

45. we don't ever have to pay for sex

46. cute underwear!!

47. we can confortably cross our legs without squishing our balls.

48. someday you'll be a cute little old lady

49. being able to shop for hours takes talent

50. small dogs make the best companions..they can go anywhere

51. we don't get woodys at awkeward moments and have to try and hide them.

52. when girls sweat, its hott. when guys sweat its nasty.

53. we actually grow up

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