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Learn about Features of cell
Phones | How to get the most
from your mobile phones
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This is the age of Multimedia
Messaging Service. MMS is in; a
versatile feature that allows
users to send colour pictures,
photographs, voice clips,
programs, videos and ofcourse
text from their cell phones. The
rates are a little higher as
compared to SMS, but MMS
opens up a whole new world of
communication at your finger
tips. All you need is an MMS-
enabled phone and a
subscription to a service
provider that supports MMS.
With MMS, you can, not only
send your messages from one
phone to another, but also
from phone to email, and vice

You can send, store and edit
picture messages. There are a
number of sites online that let
you download pictures free of
charge. Some MMS phones even
come with an inbuilt camera, so
a person can click pictures
spontaneously and send them
across to another MMS cell
phone user. But with phones
that do not have an in-built
camera, these pictures have to
be obtained from the Internet.

The messages sent and
received are either in text or
graphics, once again depending
on the phone model. With MMS,
you can even download MP3
music, games and video clips on
your phone!


One step further are PDA-
enabled phones, more commonly
known as smart phones. These
have a Digital Organiser, Excel,
Word and Internet capabilities-
all in one phone. Some even
have an integrated camera and
a MP3 player. These phones
have large screens and allow
you to write into it (after you
learn the easy technique). They
also have voice recognition
capabilities. These features
make the phone bulkier and
costlier but then these gizmos
sure do separate the men from
the boys.



GPRS and WAP let you enjoy a
continuous wireless connection
to data networks (Internet)
and access favorite web sites,
entertainment services and
other web applications. With
WAP, GPRS, you can go online on
your cell phone. All you need is
a GPRS/WAP enabled phone and
activation from the service
provider. Call up the Customer
Care number and ask them to
activate the service,
you need to download the GPRS
settings as instructed and GPRS
is activated.

Using your cell phone as a

Alternatively, you can connect
to the Internet using your cell
phone as a modem. For this
your cell phone should support
HSCSD. If your phone supports
HSCSD, you can connect to a
laptop, desktop or a PDA, using
infrared, data cable or
Bluetooth and then dial your ISP
connection. This method is
useful if you want to check
some urgent mails or access a
site when on the go. The
connectivity is slow and also is
expensive as compared to a
normal Internet connection
using a modem. You pay the ISP
for the Internet hours and the
cell phone service provider for
the airtime charges. With
Internet connectivity, you can
download a variety of groovy
ringtones, logos, and graphics
to jazz up your phone. If you
are tired of the monophonic
tones, polyphonic ringtones is
the latest craze. All phones do
not support poplyphonic
ringtones, especially the old
models. If your phone does, you
can download a range of
polyphonic ringtones from the
especially the old
models. If your phone does, you
can download a range of
polyphonic ringtones from the
Internet. What's more, you can
even acquire information about
current news, movies, stock
markets, weather, forecasts,
jokes etc. All this is just a click
away from your phone and all
for a nominal fee. Checking
email, acquiring information
about current news, movies,
stock markets, weather etc. is
just a click away from your
mobile phone.


With the advent of GPRS and
Java-enabled phones, gaming is
no longer limited to basic games
like Snake and Space Impact.
The GSM as well as the CDMA
subscriber base is growing at a
good rate and with Reliance
offering Java support on its
CDMA phones, the basic cell
phone has turned into a

So, what do you need to play
games on your cell phone?

1) Lots of in-built memory

2) GPRS or Java enabled phones

3) Colour screen (optional)

How can you get games on
your cell phone
You can get games either from
your cell phone service provider

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