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�NEW�moes raw review

every week i shall add a raw review/opinion of my own regarding the show

Before I proceed onto my review, I want to do two things.

I want to applaud Michael Cole on his professionalism, firstly. If I were in his situation tonight I would have left with Jerry Lawler, and for Cole to stay behind the desk (albeit silently) in order to bring us fans prompt updates on Lawler’s situation had to be extremely difficult.

I would also like to extend my best wishes to Jerry Lawler. Given I have spent the majority of my time writing this blog pointing out the reasons why I do not like his role in WWE programming, I have never disliked him as a person because I do not know him. All I know about him is that he has accomplished more than most superstars of his generation, and for that he deserves respect. I would never wish what happened tonight on anybody, and my thoughts are with him. As Cole said, beat this thing Jerry.

Now I’ll go onto the review. I hope you understand that for some of Raw tonight my attention was elsewhere, but I’ll do my best to recap what I saw. For what it’s worth, tonight was a good episode of Raw before the Lawler incident. The matches were solid, and Punk played a great role all night. I even thought the Bret Hart/John Cena interview segment was pretty good (but that was mainly down to Punk and the fact that Cena used the emotion he had from an hour earlier as fuel for a great, albeit wrong in parts, promo).

“I’m a Paul Heyman guy” – CM Punk, June 2011

Even in the dark light that was the final hour or so of Raw, CM Punk still manages to captivate me. He made a number of appearances tonight, including a thirty minute appearance in his ring gear taking part in two matches. The guy even made a random conversation with Paul Heyman that was barely audible interesting.

WWE didn’t really do anything to explain CM Punk’s affiliation with Paul Heyman tonight, but I like the way they’re playing it. I’ve read reports (that I take with a pinch of salt) stating that Punk and Heyman have been given creative control over the current situation, and I hope those reports are more fact than fiction. SmackDown was incredibly watchable when Heyman was involved in the writing for it (2003/4 I believe), and Punk is a master of the mic (we all know this by now). It just seems like a great combination in my eyes.

The only thing about the CM Punk story that I had a problem with tonight was that final promo that Cena produced. Whilst it was good and kept me interested, Cena made a couple of statements which just screamed bull***t to me. The first one was that CM Punk is a “liar, hypocrite and conceited scumbag”. I can let this one go since it is simply Cena’s way of putting himself over as the fan favourite, but we all know it is a lie. Punk has practically changed the way I perceive the WWE product over the past year or so, which is exactly what he promised in his infamous promo – change.

Baring in mind that Cena said all of this after Punk claimed to be a better brawler than Stone Cold Steve Austin (even Punk doesn’t get away with that claim), Cena calling Punk’s near-300 day title reign irrelevant left me in disbelief. The main reason for this is the fact that Punk is yet to cheat in order to retain. And then you take into consideration the amount of incredible matches Punk has had defending the WWE Championship (SummerSlam was a flop due to the fact that Cena and Big Show are incapable of working well together in my opinion), and it just shows that Cena doesn’t really think about what he’s saying anymore.

With the events of tonight (Punk interrupting Bret Hart in Montreal and getting booed for the first time as WWE Champion, trying to walk out on Randy Orton, ditching Dolph Ziggler, and trying to attack Hart at the end of the night) you would think that I would finally see Punk as the heel between himself and Cena. But no; Cena is still clearly talking crap and trying to manipulate the fans with lies, whereas Punk is simply demanding what Cena has robbed him of the chance to gain for the last year whilst remaining honest with the fans.

Punk is still the face in this rivalry, in my eyes.

In other news…

Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth def. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro & Intercontinental Champion The Miz – It wasn’t a bad match, but I don’t quite understand how Cesaro can claim that the US title is prestigious given who’s waist it had been living on for the last six-plus months.

Sheamus’ deposition/Brogue Kick to David Otunga – Whilst the deposition segment was funny (thank you Sheamus), I dont understand why Booker T didn’t actually strip Sheamus of the World Heavyweight Championship for breaking the rules. Another case of poor rule enforcement after AJ failed to fire Vickie Guerrero last week.

Eve, Divas Champion Layla & Kaitlin def. Alicia Fox, Natalya & Beth Phoenix – Whilst it is WWE’s effort to rectify the error made by Kaitlin and Eve in that battle royal I didn’t pay attention to a few weeks ago, it’s more interesting than most divas angles. The match might actually be good at Night of Champions if Eve replaces Kaitlin.

Daniel Bryan & Kane def. The Prime Time Players – So WWE realises they have a PPV coming up which focusses on the champions of the company, and Bryan and Kane are both title-less and without title feuds. This was just the same thing which caused Truth and Kofi to become champions. Stop wasting the Tag Team titles, WWE!

Ryback def. Heath Slater – I wish WWE would put Ryback into a real feud already. Also, did Ryback eat most of his shirt before coming out?

Alberto Del Rio def. Tyson Kidd �m all for Kidd getting a push, but what was the point in having him face Del Rio just to put more links to the Hart family on Raw this week?

Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio – Rhodes’ attack to The Miz has me wanting a Triple Threat match at Night of Champions. Make it happen, WWE!

As you can gather, tonight was all about CM Punk in my eyes. Between himself and Cena, they made their match at Night of Champions relevant and the point clear after weeks of Punk carrying the angle himself (Cena has been seriously lacking in storytelling lately, anybody else notice that?). If for no other reason, I will be buying Night of Champions for that match and holding onto the hope that Punk retains and keeps the WWE Championship right up until TLC or Royal Rumble (given the relevance he has brought back to the WWE title, he deserves to smash as many records as title holder in my opinion).

I had a good feeling about Raw tonight, and had it not been for the unfortunate events involving Jerry Lawler it could have been a great show. On the plus side, I enjoyed it right up until then.

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