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wwe over the limit.m.o.e - Newest pictures

♥☺{over the limit}-results☺♥

(featuring the miz)

The PPV opened with a graphic in honor of the late Randy Savage.They then went into the opening video package for tonight’s PPV.In keeping with theme of the PPV, there are several cars on the stage. We’ll see if they play into the show this year like they did with the John Cena vs. Batista match last year.

R Truth vs. Rey MysterioRey went for the 619 but Truth got to the floor. Rey kicked him through the ropes Truth crotched him with the ring apron, the clotheslined Rey. The crowd started chanting that Truth sucked. Truth drilled Rey with his finisher, which is a forward swinging DDT and scored the pin. Winner: R Truth.After the Match:Truth grabbed a water bottle and took a celebratory drink, then smashed the bottle into Rey’s face.

WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel JacksonJackson came back with a right hand hand that sent Barrett to the floor. Jackson caught Barrett on the apron and sent him into the turnbuckles. Jackson flipped him into the ring and never several shoulderblocks, then a running clothesline in the corner. Jackson slammed Barrett several times. The crowd liked that, so Jackson kept going with the slams.Jackson locked in the Human Torture Rack but Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater hit the ring.
DQ.Winner: Ezekiel JacksonAfter the Match:Jackson fought them off but was eventually overwhelmed by the three on one odds. Barrett drilled him with a kick to the face, exacerbated by the others slamming Jackson down. The Corre stood tall over the beaten Jackson.

Sin cara vs chavo guerrero.
Guerrero nailed Cara and locked him in the Gori Guerrero Especial. The announcers didn’t call the move. REALLY GUYS? Cara slipped out and something went to hell there. They went to the finish and well, the whole thing fell apart.Winner: Sin Cara.

WWE Tag Team champions, Kane and Big Show vs. CM Punk and Mason Ryan
Ryan clinched Kane in a bearhug in the center of the ring. Kane fought off Punk and made the hot tag to Show. Show cleaned house on Ryan and went for a double chokeslam. They kicked him off. Show nailed them both. Kane and Show double chokeslammed Ryan and scored the pin. Punk was crying on the floor.Winners: WWE Tag Team champions Kane and Big Show.

WWE Divas champion Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly
Brie attacked Kelly imnmediately. Kelly kicked her as she ran into the corner and choked her, using the ropes for leverage. Kelly came off the top with a flying bodypress for a two Kelly was backdropped onto the apron and knocked off to the floor. Bella stomped Kelly’s hand, then nailed her as she tried to pull herself back into the ring. Bella covered Kelly for a two count.Bella worked over Kelly’s arm. Kelly made a comeback and slammed her head into the mat over and over. Bella tried to escape the ring but was stomped. The Bella switched, allowing Nikki to nail the Faceplant and score the pin.Winner: Brie Bella

World champion Randy Orton vs. Christian.
christian kicked up from the move. Orton went for the RKO but was shoved off. He started calling for a spear. He went for it but was snapped into a powerslam for another two count. Orton teased the punt kick but stopped, having second thoughts. He finally decided to go through with it but was speared for another two count.They went back and forth reversing finishers until finally, Orton drilled Christian with the RKO.Winner: Randy Orton.

Kiss my foot match-jerry lawler vs michael cole
Cole tried to beg off, then pulled Lawler into the ring steps. He shoved Lawler into the ringside barrier. He took off his sneaker to reveal his nasty looking foot. He shoved it into Lawler’s face. Lawler grabbed his leg, punched him in the gut and whipped him into the Cole Mine, which he crashed through. It collapsed.Lawler pulled Cole back into the ring and nailed the fistdrop for the pin.Winner: Jerry Lawler

After the match: Lawler started preparing to take his boot off, but had a better idea. Lawler called out Eve Torres. She stood over Cole, then hit a standing moonsault off the top on him. Lawler took his boot off, then stopped and called out someone else. It was Jim Ross. Cole had somewhat recovered and begged off. Ross pulled out a bottle of his BBQ sauce. He poured it all over Cole’s face and down his throat. Lawler took off his sock but Cole retreated from the ring and started making his way back up the aisle. He said there was no way he was going to do it. Cole took the mic and said that it may look like he lost, but he really didn’t. He said that he’s not a loser but Lawler and Ross are. He said that no matter what was done to him, he never did and never will kiss Lawler’s foot.Bret Hart’s music hit and out came the WWE Hall of Famer. Bret forced Cole back to ringside and tossed him into the ring. Hart put the Sharpshooter on Cole. As he was trapped, Lawler stuck his foot in coles mouth

WWE champ John Cena vs. The Miz – I Quit Match
Miz had the inflatable letters for “AWESOME” and stormed through them for his entrance. After the introductions, Miz started cutting a promo saying he can do anything he wants because there are no rules, which means Alex Riley can do it as well. Miz told Cena to save himself the pain and say he quits now. Cena refused. Cena clotheslined them both. Cena backdropped Riley and bulldogged Miz. Cena went right for the STF but Riley broke up the move. Riley and Miz worked over Cena. Cena backdropped Riley out of the ring.Miz drilled him with the chair. They stole the Rock-Foley finish and had a tape played of someone saying “I Quit.” It didn’t even really sound like Cena. The announcers came off like idiots, acting like he really had quit.

The referee realized that Riley’s phone had played a clip over the mic and refused to stop the match. Miz argued. The referee played the clip into the mic and said the match would restart right now.Riley went to nail Cena with the WWE title belt but the champ ducked and Miz ate the belt. Cena hit the AA through a table on Riley, taking him out of the equation. Cena smiled and took his belt off as he waited for Miz to recover. Cena started whipping the hell out of a retreating Miz. Miz tried to go backstage but Cena dragged him back, whipping him and locked on the STF. Miz quit immediately. Winner and still wwe champion is John cena.

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