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overthelimit poster - Newest pictures


>match 1<

the bell rings and kingston comes in with right hands and forearms he ducks a clothesline and connects with low kicks and another big kick to the side of mcintyres head,before sending him over the top rope with a big clothesline. . Kingston follows mcintyre with a suicide dive on the outside.mcintyre fights back and makes it into the ring,but kofi comes back with a big jumping lariat,mcintyre rolls to the outside but kingston brings him in to the ring apron only to be shoved into the bell rings and kingston comes in with right hands and forearms he ducks a clothesline and connects with low kicks and another big kick to the side of mcintyres head,before sending him over the top rope with a big clothesline. . Kingston follows mcintyre with a suicide dive on the outside.mcintyre fights back and makes it into the ring,but kofi comes back with a big jumping lariat,mcintyre rolls to the outside but kingston brings him in to the ring only to be shoved into the ring post. . .

Mcintyre takes kingston back into the ring where he pounds on him in the corner for a little while before the ref breaks it up.drew hits a low knee to kofis midsection before hitting a modified gut buster. .mcintyre locks in a modified rare chin lock and grounds kofi to the mat. .drew goes to the middle rope and jumps of it but kingston has his knees up and it connect in mcintyres face. . .both man are up now and slug at it with kingston getting the advantage,kingston eventually tries for trouble in paradise but misses,mcintyre tries for his ddt but kingston counters and connects with the s0s. . .kingston pins mcintyre and we have a new champion


>match 2<

The bell rings and both man lock up.truth tries for the go behind,but dibiase catches his arm.truth turns it around but finds himself backed up into the corner.truth goes to punch dibiase but dibiase goes behind the ropes and the ref breaks it up.dibiase catches truth with a side head lock,and goes back to work on the arm,but truth turns it right around.dibiase slaps truth across his face and truth responds with one of his own.truth pounds on dibiase against the ropes,and the ref has to break it up again,truth ducks a clothesline and hits a kick to dibiases head.truth sends dibiase to the floor with a clothesline from over the rope.on the outside truth confronts dibiase and turns around and slaps ted before sending him back into the ring

Virgil is about to distract truth allowing dibiase to hit a neckbreaker on truth.dibiase tosses truth to the outside,he follows and immediately drives him back first into the barricade,before sending him right back in.truth tries to fight back but dibiase takes him up and stomache first down to the mat.dibiase kicks away at truth in the c0rner,but truth comes right back.truth hits a wierd modified stunner which is good for a 2 count.truth hits a big corkscrew elb0w on dibiase,pins him and this one is over


>match 3<

The bell rings and punk tries talking to mysterio trying to get him to pledge,rey puts his hands up and punk attacks,laying into mysterio with boots in the corner.mysterio fights back when punk lets go for a second,and he beats of punk in the corner,but punk is quick to turn it around.punk sends mysterio to the ropes and catches a boot to his chest,but mysterio in turn ends up launched to the flo0r.punk tries to dive over the top rope but rey moves.mysterio runs back to the ring and comes back with a hurricana to the floor.punk and rey fight on to the floor and rey rubs punks face on to the barbers chair

Back in the ring,mysterio tries for the 619,but punk moves and catches rey with a kick.punk takes mysterio and launches him outside onto the barbers chair.mysterio eats it and knocks over the chair.the ref checks on him and then goes back to the ring.punk has someh0w been busted open the ref stops the match and calls for a trainer to check on punk.punk looks unhappy,rolling his eyes the whole time.punk hits mysterio with a series of falling fist drops.mysterio out of nowhere hits the 619,but misses the springboard pin attempt by punk gets 2. . .mysterio comes out with a crucifix pin 4 the win. . .punk is shocked

winner=REY MYSTERIO (punk must now shave his head lol mysterio takes out half of it)

>match 4<

Miz and kidd will be starting things out tonight.miz doesnt allow the lock up as he stomps away at kidd,instead before berrying his knee in kidds back,kidd hits a snap mare and follows it up with stiff kicks before bringing in dh smith and helping him hit the miz with a stalling suplex.after about 20 seconds smith drops him and goes for the cover but miz kicks out.smith picks kidd up in a gorilla press and slams him to the outside on top of jericho and miz.back in the ring,kidd locks in a front chancery,but miz pushes him to his corner and tags in jericho,who comes in and immediately puts kidd down,kidd is able to flip out of a back body drop,and a combo of kicks from kidd puts jericho down,double team action from the hart dynasty on jericho is good for a near fall. . .

Jericho is able to send smith to the outside and he distracts the referee,to allow miz to get in a cheap shot on smith on the outside.smith roles back into the ring where is greeted with a belly to back suplex from jericho.jericho locks in a rear chin lock but smith is able to fight back up to his feet.jericho charges smith but smith is able to counter with a side slam.both man go for their partners,but the miz is the only one able to make the tag.miz goes for the sharpshooter on smith,but smith is able to turn it into a package or to. Miz tries for the SCF,but smith fights out of it leading to a few nearfalls.miz hits his clothesline in the corner,but smith just walks into the middle of the ring with him,smith tags in kidd who comes in for the heart attack,the move connects,kidd pins miz,and this match is over

winners=THE HART DYNASTY-(retain titles)

>match 5<

Edge looks hesitant to lock up with orton right after the bell,eventually they stop staring each other down and do lock up.orton locks in a quick headlock,but edge fights right out of it,only to be taken down by a big shoulderblock.edge backs up into the corner to catch his breath,another lock up and edge burries his knees in ortons midsection,before coming at him with right hands.orton reverses an irish whip into the corner and clotheslines edge before stomping on all his limbs,orton hits a beautiful knee drop and stretches edge in the ropes,clubbing away at his chest and then does it again. .

Orton grabs edges legs and slingshots him catching his neck on the bottom rope.edge rolls to the outside and orton follows but edge is able to grab him and send him into the barricade.edge picks up orton and suplexes him,putting him down right on top of the barricade.edge rolls orton back into the ring and goes for a quick cover,but orton kicks out at two.edge stomps away at orton in the corner and the ref is forced to break it up.edge goes back in and orton catches him with couple of boots to the midsection,but edge catches orton with a kitchen sink before hitting him with a body scissor,orton injures his arm in the match,soon both superstars fight outside and edge goes to spear orton but ends up connecting the barricade,the referee counts to 10 and this is a no contest


<match 6>

The bell rings and swagger and big show circle each other,swagger tries to take big show down with a single leg but sh0w pushes swagger away.swagger tries for a double leg,but show stomps down to knock swagger of.swagger tries for a big boot,goes behind show and tries 4 a belly to back suplex,but show ends up hitting one of his own on swagger,swagger rolls to the outside and looks perplexed,bigshow does push ups in the ring to a big pop.swagger comes back in and walks in to a big boot,show chops at swagger in the corner. . .

Swagger falls to the mat,show walks over his stomache,swagger turns over,so show walks over swaggers back,show chokes swagger in the middle ropes,show sends swagger into the ropes and tries for a chokeslam,but swagger is able to fight out of it and rolls to the outside,show picks up swagger by the head and pulls him to the apron,and swagger hangs show up on the top rope,back in the ring,swagger hits a huge shoulder block to shows leg,then another shoulder block,swagger hits two consecutive vader splashes,but when he goes for the cover,swagger gets thrown out of the ring.swagger locks in the front face lock,but its fruitless as show comes back with a series of blows,a big splash and a shoulder block,show tries for the chokeslam but swagger kicks shows knees,show sends swagger over the top rope,swaggers gets the belt and comes back in to the ring where he hits show with the belt,swagger gets intentionally dQ.d

winner=BIG SHOW VIA DQ(title dnt change hands over dq)

<match 7>
<c>eve torres defeats maryse to retain her divas title


<match 8>

The bell rings and batista grabs a mic he tells cena that he knows that he made him say 'I QUIT' so he is going to give him one chance to give up before he puts cena in a world of pain.the referee asks cena and cena says that batista has made his point.. .and then says i dont think so. . .and hits batista with the spills to the outside and cena grabs a chair he swings but batista ducks,cena connects with the ring post,back in the ring and batista hits a huge clothesline,before sending cena violently into the corner,with a huge irish whip,batista pounds on cena and hits a snap mare before following up with a running kick. . .

Batista pounds on cena in the corner before hanging him up on the second rope,cena starts to fight back,but batista takes it right back to him with a high back elbow,batista sends cena shoulder first into the ring apron,and the ref asks,but cena refuses to quit.cena is on the apron and batista runs into him with a big knee sending cena to the ...
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