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fatal four way - Newest pictures



(cena goes for shaemus and orton goes for edge,shaemus is dumped by cena and edge by orton.cena and orton stare eachother down.cena gets orton up early for the A.A,orton goes for the RKO out of a counter,neither hit as shaemus comes in and beatsdown cena,orton goes to the outside,shaemus backs cena down in the corner,edge comes in and helps shaemus with cena.)

(edge and shaemus whip cena into the ropes and both hit elbows on him.they beat him down in the corner.right hand from shaemus on cena.cena no-sells a punch from edge as shaemus sends him to the mat.edge rolls shaemus up.shaemus kicks out and goes on the offense against edge.cena gets back in the ring but edge ends up tossing him out,after fighting of shaemus.)

(edge goes to the top rope but orton gets back in and takes him down.orton kicks shaemus in the head and goes to the corner to work on edge who is on the top,shaemus joins the party up top and hits offense on orton,he tries to powerbomb orton off but orton blocks.edge goes of the top rope right onto shaemus for a 2 count,orton made the save and went after edge.)

(orton clears the ring of shaemus and edge.cena is back on the apron,orton suplexes him back in.the viper in a striking position,lands some stiff right hands,uppercut from orton to cena,sending cena to the mat,orton kicks cena on the mat and looks at the crowd while cena is down,orton kicks cena in the wrist then works on his right ankle,orton goes for more offence.)

(shaemus hits a big axe handle on ortons its cena and shaemus,cena gets in control and hits a fisherman suplex on shaemus,he goes for the A.A but shaemus blocks with an irish curse backbreaker.shaemus gets a 2 count on cena,shaemus goes for the high cross,he gets cena up but edge goes for the spear,shaemus sidesteps it but it allows cena to roll him up for a 2 count)

(shaemus takes cena down but orton comes back in and lands some offence on him,orton works on shaemus who is standing on the apron,orton tries to viper shaemus back into the ring,now he is bringing cena in with the DDT as well.double DDT as orton pins shaemus for a 2 count.edge gets back in and takes out orton,edge waits for cena to get up to attempt a spear,he goes for it but cena moves)

(cena hits shoulder blocks,backbreaker onto the mat and connects with the 5 knuckle shuffle,orton comes out of nowhere and hits a move that looks like a modified backbreaker on cena,orton powerslams edge,shaemus comes in and tosses orton out,shaemus stomps away at cena while edge is watching,cena dumps shaemus to the outside but it takes alot outta him.cena lands offence on edge in the ring.)

(cena brings shaemus to the apron,edge knocks orton of the apron with a shoulder,cena locks in the STF on edge in the middle of the ring,edge makes it 2 the ropes but cena pushes him back and applies the hold again,shaemus finally breaks it and gets a 2 count on edge,shaemus works on cena in the corner,he gets out of the ring and drops a couple of elbows to cenas throat,then another from the outside)

(shaemus gets in the ring and hits a clothsline on edge,dats good for a 2 count,cena gets knocked of the apron after trying to get back in,shaemus goes for his finisher but edge counters sending shaemus to the mat,cena attempts a A.A it fails out of nowhere the RKO strikes orton goes for the pin,shaemus pulls the referee out,orton kicks shaemus out of the ring but walks into a spear.)

(stiff kick from shaemus on edge,sending him to the outside,shaemus gets a 2 count on orton and then he goes back to work,shaemus whips orton into the ropes,edge takes him to the outside,orton send shaemus over the announce table,he attempts the RKO on edge on the outside. . .NXT mother fuckers attack cena,laid him out outta nowhere shaemus pins cena and we have a new wwe champion.)


(big show takes out swagger first,cm-punk gets on shows back,show dominates him to the mat,allowing cm-punk to hit kicks to his face,now show goes after swagger while punk tries to get reys mask of his face,punk gets dumped of the top rope by mysterio,swagger tries to work over show,but he gets dumped out of the ring,its show and mysterio in the ring.)

(mysterio hits all kinds of offence,but its having no affect,mysterio retreats to the outside but show palms his head and brings him in the ring.swagger gets on the apron but mysterio hits him,show gets the cover on mysterio but punk makes the save,show pins punk 4 a 2 count but swagger is in,swagger gets covered by show but mysterio breaks it up.)

(mysterio jumps into shows arms as swagger cant touch him,show manhandles punk but mysterio counters on him and pins him for a 2 count.swagger takes advantage landing offence on show for a 2 count.mysterio makes the save as both he and punk double team swagger,mysterio hits a baseball slide on show,swagger hits a double clothesline on mysterio and punk,and he gets a 2 count on mysterio.)

(swagger sends mysterio into the turnbuckle,swagger lands power offence on mysterio and gets a 2 count,he follows with a submission type hold and rests.swagger applies a submission hold but mysterio gets to his feet,mysterio backs swagger down and ends up setting him up for the 619 in a counter,punk flies in with a cross-body of the ropes for a 2 count.)

(punk covers swagger for 2 then dumps him to the outside,punk refocuses on mysterio in the opposite corner.punk is in control of the match,swagger gets onto the apron as punk drags him into the ring and has offence on him.punk lands a kick on mysterio in the corner,in the opposite corner he hits a high knee on swagger,punk goes for one on mysterio but rey counters.)

(double german suplex from swagger onto punk and mysterio,swagger gets a 2 count on both man.mysterio regains control and goes for 619 on punk but show catches him on the outside and picks him up and bounces him of the announce clotheslines punk and swagger in the ring,he lifts punk up and drops him down,show whips swagger into punk then he goes into them himself.)

(double clothesline from show on swagger and punk,everyone exits the ring,show goes outside after punk.mysterio kicked the steel ring steps into show and punk goes over the top onto show,swagger gets in the ring as mysterio springboards of the apron into the ring.mysterio tries to pick up the pace but swagger counters,punk comes in and gives swagger the GTS,unable to make the cover as kane appears)

kane gets in the ring and takes out cm-punk,he takes him out of the ring and throws him into the casket,punk tries to prevent kane from closing the casket as luke gallows gets involved,gallows and punk retreat to the back as kane follows them.mysterio and swagger in the ring,619 to swagger,mysterio goes of the ropes and pins swagger 1..2...3


(kofi kingston looks angry before the match can start,eventually the match begins,match goes back and forth,mcintyre shows some great moves in the ring and mocks kingstons boom boom move,thats when kingston gets the upper hand,nearing the end matt hardy comes and gives mcintyre a twist of fate allowing kingston to hit the trouble in paradise and long counts till three at the 17 minute


(they locked up at the bell the truth hit a shoulderblock,they locked up again and truth hit another shoulderblock then a third,truth ducked a clothesline and hit another shoulder block sending miz to the floor,truth clotheslined miz on the floor,then tossed him into the ring for a 2 count,truth went for a leap frog but miz kicked him in the gut,then stomped him in the gut.miz hit some elbows then applied a trapped arm chin-lock,truth elbowed out of it and then hit a hiptoss,truth was backdropped to the apron,but he slugged miz and rammed him into the top turnbuckle,miz rolled to the apron as well,then shoved truth into the ringpost,truth fell to the floor and miz told the referee to count for a countout.truth got in the ring at 9 and miz stomped him.miz missed a clothesline in the corner and got tangled in the ropes,truth legdropped him out of the corner and got a 2 count,miz hit a shot to the gut and threw truth out of the ring,miz went for a running kick but truth rolled him up for 2,miz whipped truth into the ropes,but truth grabbed a bodyscissors and went into a victory roll but miz dropped down on it and got the pin at the 14 minute mark.)


(eve and maryse paired of at the bell,while fox and gail done the same.gail got kickd in the shin by fox who then hit a northern lights suplex,leading to a sequence where everyone was breaking up pins and going for covers,fox gave kim a tilt a whirl and maryse double teamed eve,kim got on the apron and gave eve a headscissors,to break up eves move on maryse,kim put maryse in an armbar of her own then fox broke it up and put maryse in an armbar,maryse escaped to the floor,eve put fox in a camel clutch,while kim put fox in a boston crab at the same time.maryse and fox argue,maryse hits some forearms and sidekicks for the cover but eve breaks it up and kim comes in and dropkicks both eve and maryse,kim hit maryse with a shoulder block,then with a missile dropkick 4 a one count.eve gave maryse a neckbreaker and then goes to the top rope for the moonsault,she connects and fox breaks up the cover and shoves eve to the outside,fox pins maryse. . 1..2..3 and this one is over!WINNER AND NEW DIVAS CHAMPION=ALICIA FOX)

(the bell rings and they go at it,jericho works bourne over out of the corner and taunts him.jericho misses a clothesline and bourne takes him down with a head scissors,2 count by bourne,evan continues the offence until jericho hits a big clothesline,2 count by jericho,jericho works bourne over more in the corner,jericho chants from the crowd now,jericho misses a running attack and ends up on the floor.bourne leaps high in the air and lands on jericho,the ref begins to count as they come back to the ring,jericho with a shot to the chest and a drop kick onto the ropes,bourne falls to the floor and jericho comes out after ...
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