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Mum Dies - Wednesday 2nd March 2005

* * * *
I woke up about 11.00am after a tiring night, and i switched my mobile on. It beeped, iv got voicemail message. So i listen to it. Iv got 3 messages. 1st message from dad, "phone me, its very urgent" 2nd message from my sister "phone me quick" and 3rd message from my brother "please ring back" i thought to myself "somethings not right. Oh no its mum. Then i got a message from my manager from work saying, "ring your family. Very urgent" i phoned my sister. She said,
"mum died about an hour ago" My eyes just filled up with tears, then i broke down out of control. Andy my husband was trying to support and comfort me as much as he could. I then later calmed down and quickly got myself ready and got into the car. Then i drove off. I kept thinking to myself, "i cannot face this, to see my mum dead."
As i turn into my parents street, my heart starting thumping very fast. I parked the car into the driveway and knocked on the door. My dad opened the door. He had a huge sadness in his eyes that i have never seen before. I got in the house and slowly went upstairs into my parents bedroom. And there she was. Lying there looking so peaceful. She looked that she was asleep, but she wasnt. My auntie (mum's sister) was sitting on the bed next to mum. She was crying. I came next to mum and touched her face.
Her face was still warm, then i touched her hands, they were stone cold. The whole family arrived to see her. Everybody was crying like there was no tomorrow. Later on my uncle, (mum's brother) he is a priest. He did a blessing on mum. He tried not to cry, but he couldnt hold it. It was hard for him and for everyone. Dad said that the funeral directors are coming late afternoon to take mum away. So we all made the most of it to spend quality time with her, and to say goodbye.
It was late evening and the funeral people arrived. My dad went upstairs with them. We all stayed in the living room so we won't see when they bring her down. My sister broke down saying "why did they have to come now and take her away from us. They could of at least left her here with us until tomorrow, so we can spent more time with her!!" my dad's sister in-law said that it is not possible to do that. All that we can hear is heavy footsteps and thumping upstairs. Then they started bringing mum down.
I couldnt bare myself to look but i took a quick glmpse and i saw two men carrying a black body bag down. Each of the men holding each end. MY GOD! THAT WAS AN UNBERABLE VIEW, MY MUM, A SWEET LOVELY ACTIVE LADY ENDS UP IN A BODY BAG!!! That moment has stuck in my mind forever. It even gave me nightmares. Then they took her away. My god what a horrible sad day. It was the saddest horrible day of my life. And i will never forget it. It was a long day for all of us. That is the story of the saddist day.

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